ABC’s ‘True Beauty’ Reality TV Show Review

ABC’s ‘True Beauty’ Reality TV Show Review

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If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch ABC’s new reality show “True Beauty” yet,let me just say that you may be missing out on a very good show. Produced by Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks, True Beauty features 10 house guests, (Ashley Michaelson,Billy Jeffrey,Chelsea Bush,CJ Miller,Hadiyyah-lah Sa’id,Joel Rush, Julia Anderson, Laura Leigh,Monique Santiago,Ray Seitz) picked to live in a fancy house,and to compete in what appears to be contests that are designed to judge them soley based on their outer beauty. However in secret the judges place hidden cameras on them in certain situations that judge them on their inner beauty as well.

I love this show because at the end once they’ve decided who gets sent home, they explain to that person that they weren’t just judged on their outer beauty,but also their inner beauty. They show them a video of how they’ve been acting and treating other people in the house. Basically they get to tell the person that they suck as a human being,and that’s why they’re really going home,lol!!! And let me just tell you that it hits pretty hard. These contestants mouths drop every time as they realize how awful they’ve been acting,and I just love it. It’s so funny.

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So far personality wise “CJ Miller” has escaped elimination twice because he actually passes the personality tests every time while the other people that he’s up against don’t even come close. They’ve already aired three episodes. Hadiyyah-lah Sa’id was eliminated the first week. Ashley Michaelson was eliminated in the second week followed by Monique Santiago the third week. They all walk off pissed too. It’s so funny. So if you haven’t been watching, I do recommend that you check it out. It’s highly entertaining. The unfortunate thing is that I don’t think they could do a second season of this show because any future contestants will already know about the hidden twists of the show,and it wouldn’t be a surprise. But it’s a damn good one season type of show.

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TV Show : True Beauty
Premier Date : January 5,2009
Time Slot :Mondays at 9pm central time
Network :ABC Network

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