Possible ‘X-Men’ Sequels and Spinoffs in The Works

Possible ‘X-Men’ Sequels and Spinoffs in The Works

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With the opening, weekend box office success of “X-Men Origins : Wolverine”, there is no doubt that there will be at least a sequel or two. But also there are more spinoffs in the works for this franchise. The first and most likely one to date, which I already knew about since I reported on it a couple of months ago is “X-Men Origins : Magneto” which will trace back to the early years of Eric Lensherr and Charles Xavier ,and how they eventually become enemies after being friends at first. This particular spinoff has actually been waiting in the wings for some time now. The writer / director , David Goyle said it’s release would be contingent on the success of the “Wolverine” film so I’m pretty sure it’s going to get green lighted.

Now, here’s a couple of possible spinoffs I didn’t know about : “X-Men : First Class” which would trace back and depict the early years of the Xavier school for mutants.

“Untitled Gambit Movie. This is one film I’d really like to see. I thought the “Gambit” character was well, just cool. The things he did just seemed so effortless in the film.

“Untitled Deadpool Movie”. This character was a combination of all the original Stryker team member’s powers put into one man, Wade Wilson who was Ryan Reynold’s character in the “Wolverine” film. This character just seemed a little to freaky for me,but I’m sure it would be entertaining. Then the last but not least which would be a sequel to the “X-Men Origins : Wolverine” movie possibly entitled “X-Men Origins : Wolverine 2” This one would continue the saga of Logan having lost his memory,and traveling to Japan to find himself.

Most of this is just speculation that I’ve gotten from some of my sources,but you can best believe that there will be sequels and spinoffs. The next most likely one being the “Magneto” origins Spinoff.

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