Mythbusters’ Erik Gates Dies From A Tragic 30 Feet Fall

Mythbusters’ Erik Gates Dies From A Tragic 30 Feet Fall

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‘Mythbusters’ Erik Gates dies from a tragic 30 feet fall. The death toll just keeps piling up in 2009 as 47 year old Erik Gates who was a regular on the popular Discovery Channel TV show, “Mythbusters” took a tragic 30 feet plunge to his death.

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They say he fell through a skylight on the building and died of blunt force injuries to the chest. He was actually conscious and talking at the scene immediately after he fell,but his body couldn’t handle that type of fall,and he died later on at the hospital.

The colleague Erik Gates was working with was on the roof with him at the time of the fall yesterday afternoon. However, he had his back turned when Erik fell,so he didn’t see how or why he fell. No further investigation into his death is reported to be launched.

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  1. griff says:

    This is pretty sad. At first when I saw the headline I figured it was part of the show. Perhaps an examination of Superman’s ability to fly…

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