New General Hospital January 4th,2017 Spoilers. Finn Has To Pay The Piper & More

New General Hospital January 4th,2017 Spoilers. Finn Has To Pay The Piper & More

Recently, we got some new, official spoiler teasers in from the ABC folks by way of TV Guide. These will be for tomorrow’s January 4th, 2017 installment. It certainly sounds like things will get extremely interesting and pretty intense as we’ve got some major costs that are going to get thrown at Finn for his recovery situation. Franco will be putting in a a lot of effort to make sure his name gets cleared. Nina gets some reassurance from Valentin over the whole Claudette situation.

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To kick things off, I’m going start with the Franco stuff. It turns out that he’s going to be real busy, because he will be trying to prove that he’s innocent of the claims against him. Will he be able to pull it off, or will his name be forever drug through the mud? It’s definitely going to be interesting see in the next couple of episodes.

Next, we’ve got the Finn stuff. We’ve got the folks at Soapcentral, telling us that his recovery is going to run into a snag. Then the TV Guide peeps, say that his recovery will come at some sort of price. So, we’ve got one source, implying that the recovery is already in process, but has been halted, while the other suggests that it’s already happened, but a price must be paid for it. Well, whatever the case, it sounds like Finn will be in a very sticky situation, for sure. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how all that plays out.

Finally, in our last storyline scoop of the day, I’ve got Nina getting a lot of reassurance from Valentin in regards to the whole Claudette issue. They didn’t elaborate on the type of reassurance that he offers up, so we’ll have to wait to see what he comes up with when this episode airs. Stay tuned.

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