The Walking Dead Sasha Actress Explained Her Insane Decision In Episode 14,Season 7

The Walking Dead Sasha Actress Explained Her Insane Decision In Episode 14,Season 7

Recently, the folks over at TV Guide, got to chat up “The Walking Dead” Sasha star Sonequa Martin-Green to talk with her about what her freaking character was thinking when she decided to lock Rosita up and storm that Negan compound all by her lonesome surely ensuring her death.

In their interview, they didn’t waste anytime getting to that question and she responded by telling them that Sasha felt like she experienced a moment of enlightenment where she felt like she needed to sacrifice for a change and that she needed to do this. There was no point in Rosita sacrificing herself because the crew will need her for what is yet to come.

She also revealed that Sasha felt she needed to bond with Rosita so that they could clear the air and go into their task with a clear vision of what they needed to do. She also felt some guilt over the Abraham drama, and wanted some type of forgiveness. She also revealed that so much of Sasha’s focus was directed on the mission of killing Negan that she didn’t even think about the shenanigans that Eugene might be up to these days.

Lastly, they asked her if she felt that Sahsa’s decision was as crazy wrong as they thought it was. She shockingly didn’t think so telling them that anybody could’ve been put in that same frame of mind to do something like that given their current set of circumstances. She also felt that they would be limiting the risks of all the others by just it being them two that went in and did the job. Lastly, she said that Rosita’s impressive skills with the sniper rifle and other things also made it make more sense for Sasha.

The only burning question now is will Sasha actually get killed? Will Negan just torture her instead? Or will she somehow get out of their with her life intact. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how all that plays out in the final two episodes. Stay tuned.

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