New Gotham Season 3 Finale Episodes 21 & 22 Spoilers And Clips Released By FOX

New Gotham Season 3 Finale Episodes 21 & 22 Spoilers And Clips Released By FOX

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Recently, the wonderful people over at FOX dished up up some new spoiler scoops for their big 2 hour season 3 finale episodes 21 and 22. That’s right. They’re combining the last two episodes of the season to give us one hell of an extravaganza! Episode 21 is labeled: “Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling” and episode 22 is called:”Heroes Rise: Heavydirtysoul.” They also threw in two new sneak peek clips (below) for your viewing pleasure.

The first thing they let us know is that we’re going to see that very dangerous Alice virus continue to keep spreading throughout all of Gotham! They will of course keep trying to search for a cure to this maddening virus especially since Gordon is now infected with it.

Next, they revealed that we’ll be seeing Fish Mooney, The Riddler and Penguin back in action to reveal that they have some special plans of their own. At some point, this new crazy Bruce Wayne is going to come face to face with the great Ra’s Al Ghul (played guest star Alexander Siddig).

While doing so, he’s going to end up completing a task that they tell us will be done to fulfill his so-called destiny. However, he is going to run into yet another problem because he’s going to realize that he just can’t let go of his freaking past. Elsewhere, they tell us that Gordon is going to attempt to win crazy Lee back! That definitely sounds quite interesting since they’re both infected with the virus.

Lastly, they tell us that we’re going to see some alliances from the past get totally split apart. Then out of that, we’re going to see some new alliances get formed. In the new clip, they feature some scenes that show Gordon looking really dangerous as he’s seen attacking people while infected. He’s also seen kissing Lee at one point. Bruce is spotted talking more crazy talk to Alfred. Fish Mooney is seen teaming up with Penguin’s band of freaks. Selina Kyle is looking pretty intense in this one too.

The 2nd sneak peek clip, features Gordon, Lucius and Harvey in a scene. Lucius is revealed to be working on an antidote to the Alice virus. Unfortunately, he also mentions that this version of the virus is an accelerated one meaning Gordon doesn’t have much time before he goes full-on crazy. The clip caps off with Harvey telling Lucius to just keep working on the freaking antidote. Be sure to check out the new clips below and stay tuned. The finale episodes 21 and 22 are scheduled to air this Monday night, June 5th,2017 at 7pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.

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