New Young And The Restless June 5th to June 9th,2017 spoilers released by CBS

New Young And The Restless June 5th to June 9th,2017 spoilers released by CBS


Hey, “Young And The Restless” fans. Welcome to another new weekend. We’ve definitely got a great another batch of weekly spoilers to go over with you guys for the week of Monday June 5th to Friday June 9th,2017. These spoiler scoops are courtesy of CBS by way of We’re definitely going to be seeing some intense drama go down this week as Nick gets attacked by Kevin at some point! A new hurdle gets thrown in Victoria’s direction. Cane gets notice that they’re being sued and so much more.

To start things off, let’s take a look at Monday’s June 5th,2017 episode. In it, we’re going to see a moment where Juliet tells Billy that she’s going to make her own luck happen for her. Hilary is going to bait in Cane right in front of Lily.

The Brash & Sassy company is going to cause some new obstacles for Victoria. Will she be able to handle them? And what are these obstacles? Those are the big questions for that scenario. Lastly, Paul is going to report that Chloe is getting buried.

In the new Tuesday June 6th,2017 episode, we’re going to see Mattie get some attention from Reed. At one point, things are going to get real intense between Kevin and Nick as they tell us that Kevin is actually going to attack him! Elsewhere, Hilary is going to be busy revealing that she thinks Juliet has a strong case. Then at some point, Cane is going to get news from Victoria that they’re being sued. So, that doesn’t sound very good at all.

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In the Wednesday June 7th, 2017 episode, there’s going to be a situation where Juliet tries to reveal her accusations to Billy but he’s not going to buy them for one second. They didn’t give us any other information about that scene so it’s pretty much just left at that. That was also the only storyline that they supplied for the Wednesday episode.

They made up for it with the Thursday June 8th,2017 episode though. In it, they tell us that Jack is going to get very suspicious about Graham and Dina at some point. They didn’t mention why so we’re just going to have to wait and see what that reason is when this episode airs. Next, they tell us that Hilary is going to do something that causes Jordan to see her in a different light. Is it a positive light or a negative one? Those are the important questions for that situation.

Lastly, the week is going to wrap up with the Friday, June 9th,2017 episode. The tell us that things are going to get real intense with Victor at some point because he’s going to make a very dangerous choice! The obvious question her is what is this dangerous choice? Unfortunately, they didn’t tell us so we’ll have to wait for that one too. Finally, in the last storyline scoop, they tell us that Jack and Ashley are going to be busy cooking up some sort of a plan. That one was left pretty vague as well so we’ll just wait and see how that plays out.

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