Big Brother 19 Jessica Won The POV For Week 4, New Details

Big Brother 19 Jessica Won The POV For Week 4, New Details

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Alright, so the Power Of Veto competition took place for week 4 yesterday evening July 22,2017. The reigning HOH Jessica along with Cody, Christmas and Jason competed in the comp. The current eviction nominees are Josh and Ramses so they also competed.

We don’t have the intel about what type of comp this was. Whatever it was, it totally favored Jessica because she emerged the victor. As you can see from the pic (above), we learned of this information by seeing Jessica smiling in bliss over her POV medallion. I have to admit this girl is on fire this week. First, she won the HOH. Now, she’s a POV winner. What the hell?

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If that weren’t enough, she also has the power to stop any eviction for the next three weeks. However, we don’t think she’ll be stopping this one. She will be able to keep her nominations the same. Her main target is Josh. She can’t stand him. She really thinks she’s going to be able to get him out.

Unfortunately for her, she’s going to be in for a very rude awakening come this Thursday night if Paul gets his way. He’s secretly plotting with other houseguests to get Ramses evicted. He doesn’t trust Ramses at all and definitely wants him out. The POV ceremony is set to take place sometime tomorrow July 24,2017. Stay tuned for the results. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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