Big Brother 19 Multiple Fights Broke Out Last Night Between Cody,Paul,Jess,Mark & Josh

Big Brother 19 Multiple Fights Broke Out Last Night Between Cody,Paul,Jess,Mark & Josh

Alright, so after the eviction nomination ceremony at around 7:23pm Pacific time on the live feeds last night July 28,2017. Jess and Cody once again confronted Paul because they were really upset about being nominated. Jess tried to tell him that his HOH is just going to be a waste because she has the special hex power that will take them off the block.

Shortly after that, Cody started getting really emotional and heated at Paul. So, Paul straight up told him to just go but was willing to still talk to Jessica.

Paul called Cody an emotional p@#ssy to his face. That was the breaking point as Cody stormed towards him saying, “What are you going to do about it Paul?” Paul replied with, “I’m going to tell you to get out of my f@#cking room!” Paul kept telling Jess that he was still willing to talk to her but not Cody.

The second fight that we’re going to report actually took place between Jessica and Cody! Jess was really pissed at Cody for losing his temper with Paul because it put her right back in the bad position that she found herself in during week one when Cody tried to get Paul out. From there, she said something along the lines of she can’t keep doing this with him before storming out of their room.

At the same time, Josh and Mark were going at each other again in the kitchen area. Josh asked him why he was trying to defend Cody. Then he started yelling out all sorts of profanities at him. Josh said that he doesn’t like Cody or Mark. He also picked up the pots and pans again and started banging them. From there, Mark decided to jump up and try to grab the pots and pans from Josh. That resulted in a semi-altercation that could’ve gotten one of them kicked out if it had just escalated a bit further.

There was also a moment where Paul sat Jessica down alone and just straight up told her that the house doesn’t really have a problem with her. They have a problem with Cody. And as long as she’s with him, she will always be targeted. It seemed that the message resonated with her for a few hours. However, later on that night, she hopped right back into bed with him. So, she’ll never learn. They will definitely have to evict Cody before she’ll ever play the game correctly.

They might not be able to do it this week if Jess uses her special hex power to stop the eviction. If she does use it, Paul told the rest of the house that they will just need to win HOH again and nominate them a second time until they get Cody the F out.

With all that being said, it was a very eventful night. Cody and Jess are Paul’s nominees for the week. The Temptation comp was played. Mark won it which means he will be safe this week no matter what. On the other hand, Jason came in last place which means he will have to go up as a third nominee. So, Jason, Jessica and Cody are currently on the chopping block.

The POV competition is set to get played later on today sometime. Stay tuned for the results of that. One more thing. Cody was really upset at one point and said that he’s ready to just leave the game and not ruin it for Jess anymore.

He also said if he wins the POV, he would use it on Jess and ask her not to use the hex. So, that’s very interesting if it sticks. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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