Big Brother 19 Christmas And Mark Started Up A New Fight Today August 11th,New Details

Big Brother 19 Christmas And Mark Started Up A New Fight Today August 11th,New Details

Hey guys. These Big Brother 19 houseguests just will not give us a break. We got a new fight to report. This one went down between big Mark and Christmas at around 5:04 pm Pacific time on the live feeds August 11th,2017. Apparently, Mark told Christmas in the kitchen area that he had a problem with her throwing his name around to the current HOH Alex about talking game with Cody.

Christmas told him she was just letting her know what her observations were about the situation. Then Mark asked her why she whispered it and didn’t just bring it up in front of everyone. Christmas replied with, “I didn’t think it was appropriate at the time.”

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Shortly after this, Christmas started getting riled up because she didn’t like the type of shady questions that Mark was asking her. She was trying to call him out on talking game with the house’s number one target Cody. She accused him of deflecting her direct question which was, “We’re you talking game with Cody or not?”

He responded by saying he did ask Cody why he didn’t try to win the Temptation competition. Christmas made it very clear that is a game related question. Mark tried to play it off as just friendly conversation but Christmas wasn’t having it. At that point, Mark all of a sudden raised the octaves of his voice a few notches to say Christmas, “you threw my name around to the HOH!”

Christmas wasn’t feeling that tone of voice at all and definitely called him out on it. Mark kept asking her why she didn’t call his name out in front of everyone. Christmas kept re-explaining that it had just happened and she didn’t feel the need to. Then Mark asked her why she didn’t come to him before blabbing his name to Alex.

Christmas said she didn’t feel the need to once again and they just kept going back and forth with this same line of questioning. Basically, Mark was really upset that Christmas ratted out his sneaky game play to Alex. At one point, Christmas told Mark, “you’re a bully right now.”

After that, Christmas went on to say that she told Alex first because she wanted to get some sort of clarity about what she saw. Mark asked Christmas how was telling Alex what she saw going to give her clarity? She said it didn’t but that she wanted to try and get clarity.

Then Christmas started asking him why he voted to keep her in the house when she was on the block. Mark replied by telling her it was for personal reasons. However, if he had known that this was the kind of person she was, he would’ve voted her a%$ out week one. She replied with, “You wouldn’t have had the votes honey.”

Next, Christmas started asking him if he always had an alliance with Cody and even started yelling for Cody to join the conversation. It got pretty crazy at this point. Unfortunately, Cody never came. But the arguing continued. Christmas started bringing up a lot of switching sides that he did early in the game, calling him a flip flopper. She accused him of mentioning her name to be put on the block the second week

Mark also brought up Christmas being the hinky vote against Ramses when they were trying to get Cody out the first time. Then they argued about Dominique throwing Christmas’ name around back then. There was another moment where Mark told Christmas he hasn’t like many of the questions she’s asked him since day one.

At this time, this argument had just spiraled out into a whole other thing than what they were originally fighting about. Josh interrupted their conversation to back Christmas up on Mark constantly flip flopping as far as game is concerned. This whole argument went on for about 25 to 30 minutes. It was purely a game related argument because Mark was pissed at Christmas for calling him and Cody out.

His game had already been figured out anyways. I guess he just wasn’t aware that everyone is on to him. He definitely is now though. Alright, that’s pretty much it for the little Christmas and Mark tiff. As previously reported, Mark is safe this week for winning the Temptation Comp.

Matt is on the chopping block for finishing last in it. We’re still waiting to see which other two people Alex will nominate this week. It should happen before today is over. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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