A New Big Brother 19 Twist Has Been Unleashed August 19th

A New Big Brother 19 Twist Has Been Unleashed August 19th

According to new report from Big Brother Network, the Big Brother season 19 production team has decided to unleash yet another twist into the game. And guess who it freaking benefited? If you’re thinking Paul, you would be absolutely correct. Here’s what has happened. Apparently, this new twist is called the “Apple Tree” twist.

It was first shown on the live feeds at about 9:53 pm Pacific time yesterday, August 18th. Raven stopped by the tree to make a comment about it. Then the cams showed a close up look at five temptations this new twist offered. They are: Second Veto, Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes, Bounty On Your Head, Can’t Play In Next HoH and Save A Friend.

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Most of these are pretty self explanatory. However, the one about the Bounty on your head could be a little confusing. The houseguests did mention that the bounty included $5,000 for the houseguest that opened it.

As for how this twist benefited Paul. Apparently, later on last night, it was revealed that one of the powers had already been unleashed! It was the “Save a Friend” one. Mark had apparently won it and gave it to Paul for some strange reason.

Whatever the case, it means Paul is automatically safe this week. However, he was safe anyways since Christmas won HOH. This one sure would’ve come in handy if Mark had it during the double eviction. Oh well. I want to point out that Mark could not use this “Save a Friend” power on himself.

Later, Paul, Christmas and Josh talked about why Mark chose to use it on Paul. They think he probably did it to perhaps gain some brownie points with the guy who is apparently running the whole house at this point. It obviously didn’t work as Paul has confirmed in a couple of different conversations that Mark is the main target this week for another backdoor treatment.

There were some other conversations that took place which suggests there might be a chance to win two more of those Apple Tree temptations over the next couple of weeks. If that’s truly the case, they could provide a major game changer for this season later on down the line.

As previously reported, Christmas won the HOH comp this week. So, she is the reigning HOH which means Paul is unofficially the HOH. She’s basically doing everything Paul wants her to do. Her two nominations turned out to be Jason and Matt with the main plan being to backdoor Mark.

So, if Mark doesn’t get drawn to play in the Power Of Veto comp, he’s basically a goner. If he does happen to play and doesn’t win, he’s a goner. Basically, Mark will need to get extremely lucky today to have any hope at sticking around for another week.

The Power of Veto comp is due to be played later on today, August 19th. We should get the results of it later on this evening. We never really know exactly when since they always switch up the times. We’ll definitely get that information posted as soon as we find it out. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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    Why would Mark do that. U can give the 500,000 to Paul

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