New Shadowhunters Season 3 Teasers Revealed By The Producers

New Shadowhunters Season 3 Teasers Revealed By The Producers

Recently, the folks over at TV Line got to chat up the producers of Freeform’s hit fantasy/drama series “Shadowhunters” Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer. During their interview, TV Line was able to drag some interesting season 3 spoiler teasers out of them.

Apparently, we’re going to see Alex and Magnus’ relationship get further explored and they’re definitely confirmed to be back together. Izzy is going to experience a much easier time. Clary will get much darker, and more.

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The first thing they talked about was if Jace was dead long enough to see the afterlife. Apparently, they’re not going explore that in season 3. Todd explained to them, “He was dead long enough for some strange things to happen to him. So, take that as you will as we move into Season 3. We’re not really exploring whether he saw the afterlife although we love that idea as writers.”

At one point, Darren confirmed that Sebastian Verlac is also dead. They also talked about the woman at the end who referred to Jonathan as her son in the season 2 finale episode. Todd confirmed that her name is Lilith and that she will also be the new Big Bad in season 3.

He stated, “Yes, her name is Lilith. Her blood runs through Jonathan Morgenstern. It was her blood that Valentine used to experiment on poor young Jonathan. She’s the Big Bad in Season 3. We were very geeked out when we created her entrance. What an awesome entry into the world in that cave with the wraiths all molding into one. We got really excited by that.”

Todd revealed that we’re going to see Clary get much darker in season 3. When asked if her brutal stabbing of Valentine was a sign of her about to get darker, Todd said, “Absolutely. We can’t say enough about Kat McNamara’s performance throughout the entire finale. In that fight, her ferociousness and her relentlessness at killing him felt like this was a huge move forward with this character.

Clary will never be the same after this. Both of her parents have died and she’s the one who killed her father. There’s no going back to the little 18-year-old talking about art school. She’s embracing her Shadowhunter heritage more than ever.”

They talked about what Simon said in reference to the Seelie Queen when he mentioned he was sticking with her “for better or for worse.” Todd said in reference to that, “He has made a commitment, he’s stuck there. That was the vibe we were trying to give off.”

They confirmed that Magnus and Alec are definitely back together and that they will explore their relationship much further in season 3. When asked about them, here’s what the producers had to say. ” Oh, they’re back. And better than ever! It’s a beautiful thing as we move forward into Season 3. We’re exploring the intimacy and domesticity and pushing that relationship farther along with added complications. It’s super interesting and fun to write.”

Todd revealed that we’re going to find out more about Eleven in season 3 and what’s behind her investigation. He stated, “Eleven. In Season 3, you find out what’s behind her and what was behind this investigation throughout Season 2B. It was hard to get that in. There was so much else going on. So, we decided to wait until the next season premiere to peel back that onion and find out the ugly and exciting truth about her.”

Lastly, they revealed that Izzy is going to experience a much easier time in season 3. All of her troubles will be behind her and what not. When TV Line asked the producers if Izzy would have an easier time, they said: ” Absolutely. The troubles of Season 2 are behind her. She’s so interesting because it was the Mundanes who saved her life in terms of the AA meetings and beating her addiction. It’s created this new appreciation for Mundanes that she has moving into Season 3 which we’re really excited about exploring with her.”

Currently, there’s no exact premiere date for season 3. We’re guessing that it’ll show up in January 2018 like the past seasons have done. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Shadowhunters Facebook page for more Shadowhunters news by Clicking Here.

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    I love that clary is going to be darker in season 3 and I want clarys brother to come back in a huge way ?! I love the Werid brother / sister relationship and I can’t wait to see Alexander and Magnus’s relationship again. I love them there awesome can’t wait till jaunary ! #shadowhuntersseason3

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