New Big Brother 19 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed Yesterday, August 26th

New Big Brother 19 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed Yesterday, August 26th

Alright, so the Big Brother season 19 houseguests competed for the coveted Power Of Veto yesterday, August 26,2017 in the afternoon sometime. The players were actually picked quite early this week as that took place on Friday. The two eviction nominees this week Raven and Matthew got quite nervous after that player draw because they’ve been led to believe that Kevin is the real target this week and he got picked to play for veto.

So, all the houseguests that played for veto this week were current HOH Jason, Matt, Raven, Paul, Josh, and Kevin. Christmas was picked to host it. The live feeds were out for five and a half hours while they played it. When they returned, it was revealed that Jason won the POV! So, Jason is on a major win streak as of late. It was also revealed that they played the “Hide and Seek” comp and the entire house was trashed as a result of it.

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Now, here is the real interesting part. The conversations that took place afterwards. At around 5:15 pm pacific time, Paul promised Raven that Jason is going to use the veto to pull her off the block. Apparently, she was really frustrated for finishing in second place in the veto comp.

At around 6:20 pm, Kevin asked Jason if they’re planning to vote out Matt this week. Jason said, “yes.” Jason also revealed to Kevin that the plan was to nominate him as a pawn if Matt or Raven won pov but now they don’t have to. Kevin said, “I don’t want to have to pack so just send Matt out as is.”

Kevin asked Jason not to nominate him and said, “I want to stay, get HoH and try to make Raven both of my nominees.” Ha! Ha! He really doesn’t like Raven. Kevin also expressed that he was really upset that there was a plan in place to nominate him if either Matt or Raven won POV. Jason responded by telling him, “I’m not going to do it and will keep nominations the same.”

At around 6:45 pm, things got real interesting when Paul, Christmas and Josh started talking. They’re now wanting to change up the plans again because they’re worried that Kevin could be a future number for Alex and Jason down the road.

Christmas said, “Kevin would be a number for Alex and Jason so maybe we should just vote out Kevin.” Paul agreed with her. Josh also agreed and said, “We need to get Kevin up on the Block.” Paul said, “It may stress out Alex and Jason if we flip the plan on them.”

At around 6:55 pm, Paul went to talk with Jason, Alex and Kevin about which person they should vote out this Thursday, Matt or Raven. They said they wanted to Matt gone but that Raven is much more annoying. Paul tried to tell Jason that putting Kevin up as a renom would keep Raven and Matt calm until Thursday.

At around 7:05 pm, Jason told Paul, “I will not use the veto and I want Matt to go.” At around 7:10 pm, Alex told Christmas that Kevin doesn’t want to go up as a renom. Then Christmas started to use the angle of Jason possibly losing jury votes with Matt and Raven if he doesn’t renom Kevin.

Alex revealed that she actually wants to get rid of Kevin because Derrick called him “Kev” when he visited the house. That caused her to jump to conclusions that Derrick must know Kevin outside the house and that Kevin must be an undercover cop to boot.

Knowing that they might have a shot with Alex, Paul and Christmas started working her over to try to get her to convince Jason that he needs to pull Matt or Raven off the block and renom Kevin. Then try to target Matt and Raven next week.

At around 7:25 pm, Paul continued to work Matt and Raven by telling them, “Don’t worry because Jason is talking about not being able to stand Kevin.” At around 7:30 pm, Alex started pressuring Jason to use the veto and renom Kevin. Jason said, “I can’t do it.”

At around 7:35 pm, Christmas was seen trying to tell Jason he’ll lose two jury votes with Matt and Raven if he doesn’t go through with their plan to renominate Kevin. At around 7:45 pm, Alex tried to press Jason hard again to do the Kevin renom plan. Paul told Jason, “It’s your HoH & Veto so you should do whatever you want.” Jason said, “I’ll think it over.” At this point, Alex is upset because she thinks Jason will mess up both of their games by not doing the renom Kevin plan.

At around 8:10 pm, Jason told Paul that he still wants to leave the nominations the same. He’s sure that if Matt or Raven had won HOH, they would have nominated some combination of either Jason, Alex, and Paul. Paul told Jason, “If Kevin wins HoH, he might put up Christmas and Josh but it’s too early for that.”

At around 8:30 pm, Jason said, “I’m tired of being a minion and feeling like I’m doing what’s predetermined for me.” Meanwhile at 9:05 pm, Paul told Christmas that Alex and Jason are fighting now and they’re pleased with that.

At around 10:40 pm, Paul tried to take another shot at convincing Jason to renom Kevin. Alex said she will deny to Matt and Raven that she knew Jason was going to leave the noms the same if that’s what he does. Paul tried to tell Jason he could upset a pair instead of just one person in Kevin who he claims does not have Jason’s back.

At around 10:45 pm, Jason said, “I like being around Kevin while Matt and Raven annoy me.” At around 12;30 am today August 27th, Christmas took another shot at trying to get Jason to renom Kevin. She used the same angle of him possibly losing two jury votes from Matt and Raven if doesn’t do it. Jason replied with, “Those two weren’t going to vote for me anyways. I can’t stand Matt and Raven.” Ha! Ha!

At around 12:40 am, Jason told Alex, “It feels like you’re trying to get me to renom Kevin so you can flip and evict him.” Alex promised him that she would never mislead him.

At around 12:55 am, Kevin talked with Jason in the HOH room. Kevin promised him that he is trying to win comps and not throwing them. Jason said, “ I believe you but I need you to win something.” After that, Jason confirmed with Kevin that he will indeed leave the nominations the same and not renom him.

Well, we will see if Jason sticks to that as the conversations of today play out. We’re sure Paul and Christmas will probably try to make some extra attempts at convincing Jason before the POV ceremony tomorrow. Alex will probably try as well. I do like that Jason wants to think for himself a little bit and not just do what Paul and Christmas suggest.

As of right now, it appears that Jason will stick with his desire to keep the nominations the same and try to get Matt voted out this Thursday night. The POV ceremony is expected to take place tomorrow, August 28th. After it goes down, we’ll be able to get some confirmation of what the main goal is.

If Jason does indeed leave Matt and Raven on the block, we could see some major fireworks go off because Raven and Matt will be super ticked off that they were lied to. Stay tuned for that big, possible report from us. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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