Big Brother 19 Paul Revealed A Big Shocking Plan For Tonight’s Double Eviction, September 7th

Big Brother 19 Paul Revealed A Big Shocking Plan For Tonight’s Double Eviction, September 7th

Alright guys. The big Double Elimination episode is happening tonight September 7,2017, and Paul has revealed some very interesting plans that he has in store when they evict Jason. He doesn’t know that it’s a Double Elimination necessarily but he has revealed what he wants to happen after Jason walks out that door.

Apparently, he has plans for he and Josh to stage some sort of huge fight between the both of them in an effort to convince Alex that Paul had nothing to do with her partner Jason getting evicted this week. We’re not sure how the fast-paced Double Eviction will affect this plan. We can’t imagine that it will run as smoothly since they won’t have as much time as they would during a regular week.

We assume that Paul will still attempt his plans but will try to pull them off a little bit quicker. However, if he doesn’t have time to convince Alex that she’s not in jeopardy, we could see her totally gun for that next HOH and foil everything. That would actually be good for us viewers because we would finally see Paul not get his way. One thing that we do know for sure is that tonight’s live Double Eviction show is going to be extremely interesting and exciting. We can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

Let’s go over some of the things Paul discussed in a few of the conversations that took place yesterday, September 6,2017.

At around 2:25 pm, Kevin talked to Jason about how no one is willing to take a shot at Paul even though he’s the big player. He thinks they’re too insecure to challenge Paul. (We find that real funny coming from Kevin since he appears to just be doing everything Paul tells him to do as well. He should really be the last one to talk about someone not challenging Paul.)

Anyways, at around 5:30 pm, Paul told Josh, “I need to appear to split away and align with Alex so I have her if she wins HoH. I promise you that Alex will want to play it safe and get to the end instead of taking big risks.” He thinks he can keep Alex from nominating Josh and Christmas if she wins HOH.

Josh expressed a lot of worry to Paul that Alex and Jason will really be upset over their betrayal. Paul told him, “It’s just a game and they’ll get over it.” Josh seemed to try to push Paul to see how he would react to the idea of Alex staying past the next round. Paul kept telling Josh, “We will get her out.”

Josh asked Paul, “Should we talk to Jason tonight and let him know?” Paul said, “We should wait for Thursday.” Josh expressed that he wished they had did things differently with Jason in regards to getting him out.

At around 5:40 pm, Paul had another conversation with Raven to make sure she’s still ready to fight for the next HOH competition so they can get rid of Alex. Raven promised Paul, “I’m not afraid to put Alex up.” Paul told Raven and Josh, “I think I can get Alex to throw the next HOH competition to me.”

Paul told Raven, “If Alex confronts you just say that Jason was the reason Matt was evicted.” At around 5:46 pm, Paul reminded Josh that they are going to need to stage a fake fight right before the next HOH competition in order to keep their ruse going with Alex. He told Raven to make sure she stays out of it. So, it looks like we might see a big fake fight break out between Josh and Paul tonight if they don’t let the Double Eviction surprise throw them off. We’ll see.

At around 5:50 pm, Paul had another conversation with Raven. During this one, he tried to convince her that Kevin is a better competitor than Josh. She disagreed at first. Then Paul told her, “Josh hasn’t come close to beating either of us.” That was enough for her to finally agree with him. Then Paul said, “We should go after Kevin in the final five.”

Paul also told Raven, “It’ll be you and me against Josh and Christmas if you can just win this next HOH competition.” Paul even went as far as to give her a safety word for the next HOH comp. He told her if he shouts out the words, “This is gumpy,” she should throw it to him.

At around 7:30 pm, Josh and Raven had a conversation about how they’re going to explain the voting that’s set to go down to Alex and Jason. Josh said, “All of jury hates me and now Alex and Jason are going to as well.”

At around 9:38 pm, Raven made another huge claim about playing the piano for 10 years. She said she can play songs by ear and even has a rare grand piano. (All I can say is I wish they would’ve had a piano on hand to make her prove it. I think we would’ve seen something real interesting. )

At around 10:36pm, Paul told Christmas, “If Alex somehow escapes the block next week, they will send Raven out. We might want to nominate Raven and Kevin and I can convince Alex to throw the veto so we can backdoor her.”

At around 10:40 pm, Paul told Christmas, “If Alex is smart and Josh continues to sell that he wants to get me out. Then she’ll throw the HOH to Josh.” At around 10:45 pm, Paul told Raven, “You’ve got to try and win this HoH competition.” She said, “ I’m going for it 100 percent.”

At around 11:35 pm, Kevin and Jason had another conversation. They agreed that Paul will win the whole game. However, Kevin promised Jason that he will talk to the jury for him if he happens to make it into the final two. (Kevin is staying over Jason so that won’t be happening. Jason is going to be so freaking blindsided if they don’t tell him before eviction tonight.)

Kevin also expressed that he thinks he can’t possibly win after Josh outed him for winning the $25,000 earlier in the game which ultimately resulted in bringing Paul back into the house.

Kevin did sort of warn Jason of tonight’s eviction by asking him, “Who are they more likely to wanting to keep? Me who can’t win anything? Or you who can win everything? No one has told me anything. This is just my observation.”

(You know? It really frustrates me that Kevin knows all these true facts about Paul and the other houseguest’s games but never does anything about it. He throws competitions just like everyone else. He does what Paul tells him to do. It’s just the weirdest thing to me because he seems to know somewhat of what’s going on based on the things he’s said.)

Anyways, at around 12:10 am today, September 7th, Christmas was talking to herself and said that she knows Josh is right about Paul doing what he can to protect himself with the jury votes. Then she went on to contemplate other things that are going on in the game and said how hard things are.

At around 12:40 am, Josh told Paul, “I feel bad about blindsiding Jason.” Paul said, “That’s just how the game goes because this is the best way to do it. Keep it together for one more week.”

Alright, that was it for most of the conversations that took place for the eve of this week’s big Double Eviction episode. Just to recap, we may or may not see Josh and Paul engage in a huge fake fight after Jason gets ousted. Of course, the Double Eviction might cause them to change their plans. Alex is Paul and company’s next target. So, it looks like we’ll see them try to get her out as the second eviction victim tonight.

If Paul can get enough time, he may be able to convince Alex to throw the immediate HOH and POV competitions. If she doesn’t and wins one of them, we might see either Raven or Kevin go home. I wish I could say there was a scenario that would end with Paul getting put up and ousted but I think he’s done a real good job of working these people over enough for that not to happen.

Or it’s just that these people are too stupid to see that they need to get Paul out. I’m sure a lot of you will agree with the second scenario. In either case, it looks like Paul will definitely survive the Double Eviction unless a miracle happens and one of these folks finally wakes up.

The live Double Eviction episode is scheduled to kick off at 8 pm central standard time on CBS tonight, September 7,2017. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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