New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers For September 8,2017 Episode Revealed

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers For September 8,2017 Episode Revealed

Hey, Bold And The Beautiful fans. We’ve got a few new spoiler teasers for tomorrow’s week-ending Friday, September 8,2017 episode. Once again, these are some teasers are from TV Guide. It sounds like they will be ending the week off with some pretty dramatic stuff. Maya and Nicole are going to have a huge confrontation. We’ll see Brooke trying to stand by Bill in his moments of high stress and more.

In today’s spoiler session, we’ll go ahead and start things off with the whole Maya and Nicole situation. It turns out that we’re going to see some pretty heavy fallout between these two as Maya attempts to scandalously work her plan to keep Nicole from being around little Lizzy too much. They tell us that these two will get into an argument about Maya’s idea for Zende to be promoted within Forrester Creations.

Will they be able to come to an agreement? Or will this tension continue to keep going and going? It certainly sounds like it will feature quite a bit of drama. Unfortunately, there were no other official spoilers revealed about this situation. So, we’ll have to tune in to see what will happen next.

According to some unofficial sources, Nicole is not going to be happy that Maya is trying to send Zende away to Paris because it will mean Nicole and Zende would have to leave their families. Also, Nicole doesn’t believe that Maya even has enough clout in the Forrester Company to get Zende a promotion of this magnitude.

In this second and last teaser, TV Guide’s description tells us that Brooke will try to stand by Bill’s side in these very trying times that he’s going through. She will do this even though Bill keeps holding back on telling him what is troubling his mind. It sounds like this situation could turn bad really fast if Brooke ever finds out the crooked actions he’s taken as of late.

The big question is will Brooke ever find out? It certainly sounds like this storyline might possibly lead to that. We’ll definitely have to wait and see to be absolutely sure because no other official details were revealed in regards to this plotline.

We do have some unofficial information about this Brooke and Bill situation. We’re hearing that Brooke will definitely be able to tell that something unusual is going on with BIl. His stress level will obviously be set on extremely high at the moment. He’ll start to act more cold towards her. This will of course cause Brooke to worry.

As a result, her curiosity will be peaked high enough to where she might start digging around for the answers on her own! Again, these are unofficial scoops. So, they may or may not happen. The scenario certainly seems viable and these unofficial teasers have been quite accurate so far.

Alright, that’s all of the official and unofficial teasers that we have for the September 8,2017 installment. However, we are sure that the episode will feature much more than that. So, you’ll definitely want to stay prepared for some possible big surprises in tomorrow’s episode especially since it will cap off the week.

We’re hearing from some unofficial sources that next week, we’ll be seeing poor Sally packing up all her bags and getting ready to say her final goodbyes to everyone. She’s going to be fully prepared to get out of Los Angeles and start a new beginning in a whole new city!

However, it’s believed that Liam might stop Sally from giving up because he has plans to force Bill into helping Sally rebuild Spectra Fashions! Elsewhere, Sheila will of course still be plotting the execution of her latest, twisted scheme.

Update for the September 8th episode: Bill will be in a scene and will say, “You don’t get ahead by playing by the rules. You make the rules.” Sally will be in a scene and says, “I know you’re not going to take this as a compliment but you and I are actually a lot alike.”

Brooke will have a scene with Bill and say: “ Why do you “need” to hand the company over Liam?” This will no doubt draw heavy suspicions from her.

Steffy will have a serious conversation with Liam and say, “Look, I know that you can make this company better under your leadership.” Liam will say, “Is there a but coming?” Steffy will say, “Yeah, there’s a but. I don’t care about this company right now. I care about you and your father. The effect this will have on your relationship.”

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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