Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf Made A Shocking Confession About Her Arch Nemesis Josh & More

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf Made A Shocking Confession About Her Arch Nemesis Josh & More

This past Thursday night, September 7,2017, previously evicted, very outspoken Big Brother season 19 houseguest Jessica Graf hopped on Instagram LIVE to chat with her fans. She revealed what she thought about the big Double Eviction show. She also talked about some of the houseguests some more. She revealed that she actually wants her arch nemesis Josh Martinez to make it to the final two with Paul! If that’s not enough, she said she actually owes him an apology.

To start off the chat, she talked about Josh outing Paul to Jason in his goodbye speech. She said, “Josh literally was very smart in the sense that he let Paul yell at him in the house and he played the facade in the house that Paul is still controlling him.

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But, for him to drop that bomb on Jason and now Jason’s going into the jury house. And he’s gotta think about that for a whole week before anyone else gets to get involved. That might have cost Paul the whole game right there because Jason’s going to be in the jury for two more weeks and this piece of information could literally blow up Paul’s game.

But, if we’re going to be completely honest, there’s only two people in the house that are playing in some kind of way. And that’s Paul. He’s manipulated everyone. He’s running the house. He’s controlling who wins the competitions. He’s killing it. He’s playing the game. And the only other person who’s playing a little bit is Alex. She’s winning her own competitions. She’s not getting anything handed to her. The girl is winning her own sh@#t.

People like Christmas have been handed every single competitions that they’ve won. So, if Paul doesn’t win, the only other person I could see winning is Alex. Anybody else in that house, I don’t see them winning. But kudos to Josh. You stood up to Paul in a very smart way and you won a competition that was really intense so kudos. I never thought I’d say it.”

At one point, won of the fans asked Jessica, “What would happen if you swung at Josh?” She replied with, “I wouldn’t swing at Josh. It’s funny. Now that I don’t live with Josh, I actually don’t mind him. I really need to apologize for calling him fat. That was me at my wits end. I owe him an apology.”

Next, she revealed she would actually love to see Josh make the final two! She said, “I think Paul should win. I don’t think anyone else deserves to win. I would love to see Josh in the final two to be completely honest.”

She’s also glad she didn’t make jury stating, “I’m actually really happy I’m not in jury because if I had to survive another forty days with those human beings, I might have done something really bad. “

There was a moment where she talked about Kevin. She said, “I feel very bad for Kevin. Some of the situations he’s being put in. Being bullied in the house. I’ve experienced it very much and it sucks. People are disgusting in that house. Alex calling him an old man constantly and just like berating him. It’s just gross. All of this behavior is just so unnecessary. It’s so stupid. So, I feel for Kevin in that sense. I’ve been there. But, also Kevin didn’t really speak up when we were being bullied.”

Next, she said, “If I had to choose Josh or Paul to win half a million dollars, I would have to choose Paul because he’s orchestrating everything.” She was asked why did Alex put up Raven and Kevin. Jessica said, “I have no idea. I really thought she was going to put up Kevin and Josh. I was surprised by that.”

She revealed that she still loves Big Brother stating, “I am not bitter that I was evicted. I have watched Big Brother since I was a little girl. I’m not going to boycott Big Brother just because I was evicted. I love the show. I will continue to support the show. And CBS has been nothing but absolutely incredible. So, I’m never going to say anything like boycott live feeds or don’t watch this episode. I watch live feeds. I pay for my live subscription. I watch the show. I’m still 100 percent supportive of everything Big Brother related and I’m going to continue to be.”

She also confessed to having a big mouth sometimes. She stated, “I’m gonna say I think that sometimes I can be a little too vocal and a little too honest. And maybe say some things. I have chronic mouth-in-foot syndrome. So, if you guys don’t know that about me yet, you’re not paying attention.

If I say anything that has offended anybody, I apologize and I have been kind of in a negative place since being out of the house where I resent a lot of the people that stabbed me in the back and lied to me. And I understand that stabbing people in the back and lying is part of the game.

But, people in the house also took it very personal to a different personal level and I had a hard time forgiving that and moving past that and maybe even being bigger than that. I’m tired of dwelling on it and I want to stop stooping down to their level. So, hopefully I can bite my tongue a little bit better and be the bigger person and move on.

I know some people love to hear me bad mouth my castmates. And some people hate to hear me bad mouth my castmates. I can’t please everybody and I want you to know that I want to be the best version of myself and not stoop down to these people’s level. So, I’m gonna try my best. No promises but I’m gonna try my best.”

She said, “Alex is Paul’s number one fan. So, getting her to turn on Paul is not going to happen.” She also expressed how much she doesn’t like Raven again when a fan asked, “Why did they vote out Raven.” Jessica answered, “Because if you’re locked in a house with Raven and you have the opportunity to not be locked in a house with Raven, you’re going to take that opportunity.”

She revealed that she thinks if Paul would’ve been outed with a different group of people stating, “If Paul was put in a house where people thought for themselves, he would’ve gotten shot down a long time ago. But, people like Cody and I were in the minority unfortunately this season.”

Next, she revealed that she definitely doesn’t think Christmas should win saying, “Why should Christmas when? Like, her two HOHS have been given to her. The whole HOH competition last week with her being handed the win and no one competing is such bullsh#@t. I think it’s an embarrassment to the Big Brother community. It’s so dumb. I mean competitions were my favorite thing in the house. And to know that every single person threw a comp and not a single person competed is ridiculous. I hate it.”

Next, she revealed that she’s been given a lot of great opportunities outside the house. She stated, “A lot of really good projects are coming up. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of things I can’t talk about right now. Companies are sort of keeping me under wraps until they want to reveal it.”

She definitely wants to know how Kevin will react after he hears Jason’s rape joke about he made about his wife. She said, “I am dying to know what Kevin’s reaction is going to be when he finds out about the comment that Jason made about his wife. I cannot wait. Oh my god. I am like scared for Jason’s life. But I’m also really excited because I’m probably gonna have a front row seat to it. So, I’ll keep you posted.”

One fan asked her, “Why did Josh cry so much?” Jessica said, “Because he’s a momma’s boy.” Jessica revealed what her three main agendas are for this season’s big finale show. She said, “When it comes to the finale, I only have three agendas. Making out with Cody, interacting with fans and not losing my sh#@t on Raven and Alex. I think if Alex is wearing the “petty” hat onstage for finale, she’s getting that sh#@t slapped the f#@ck off. Just kidding . No, I’m gonna behave.”

One fan asked Jessica, “Why don’t you like Alex?” She replied with, “Oh, babe. You need to rewind the season.” Another fan asked Jessica, “Will you be friends with Christmas?” Jessica answered that with, “I have tried to be friends with Christmas. I literally never stabbed the girl in the back. And anytime she could stab me in the back or lie to me, she did. So, I’m done with that avenue and no. Once finale hits, I’m going to pretend like I never met the chick.”

Lastly, she took another poke at Raven when a fan asked her, “Who is your least favorite person from the season?” She answered without hesitation, “Raven!”

So, that was pretty interesting. It appears that she actually kind of likes Josh now that she’s out of the house. He was totally her arch nemesis in the house. Those two probably engaged in the most arguments and fights. And that one where she grabbed the spatula on him was the last straw.

Anyways, you guys can check out her full video chat session for yourselves on Youtube by Clicking Here. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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