New Big Brother 19 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed Yesterday, September 9th

New Big Brother 19 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed Yesterday, September 9th

Hey, Big Brother fans. The Big Brother season 19 houseguests finally played the Power Of Veto competition yesterday night, September 9, 2017. As previously reported, Kevin and Alex were nominated for eviction on Friday night, September 8th.

Alex started thinking that Kevin might not really be a backdoor plan. However, they were trying to make her believe that. Going into the veto, she still had the blinders on by thinking that Paul is really on her side and could possibly get backdoored. So, we’re assuming Alex fought hard to try and win this veto.

With all that said, we can tell you that she was not successful. Paul actually won the veto. That means tomorrow at the POV ceremony, Paul will finally have to reveal to Alex that he really isn’t on her side by leaving her on the chopping block. That should certainly cause some major fireworks to erupt.


However, I’m not really sure with Alex. She might just laugh it off and say well played or something like that. Or she might still think they will still vote out Kevin over her. She didn’t seem terribly upset when Jason left. So , who knows with her? She seems so oblivious to everything. One thing’s for sure is it will be quite interesting to see how she reacts when she learns Paul isn’t going to save her.

Let’s go over some of the conversations that took place yesterday. At around 1:30 pm pacific time, Josh talked to the cams by himself again. He said, “I’m sad that I don’t have any choice but to turn on Paul. I liken Paul’s game to Vanessa of Big Brother season 17. Steve turned on her to win. I don’t know if I should wait like Steve did or get Paul out now like Vanessa did to Austin.”

He revealed that he does plan to take Christmas to the final two if he makes it to final three and wins that last HOH competition. He also expects Paul to take him to the final two if he (Paul) wins the last HOH comp. Apparently, Paul promised him that at some point and he thinks Paul will make good on his promise. He said, “I’m fearful that taking Paul out now leaves me open to Alex taking me out next. I know fans probably want me to get out Paul, but I think it’s too early now.” (Josh does seem to be pretty insightful at times.)

At around 2:05 pm, the feeds cut out while the houseguests played the veto comp. The feeds finally came back on at around 6:41 pm. It was revealed that Paul had won. They played a BB Comics challenge. They were dressed in costumes with capes and stuff.


Christmas wasn’t cleared to participate in the comp. Josh said he messed up during his turn. There was a zipline involved too. Kevin talked about how he lost and it sounds like he may have had an issue with being color blind or something.

At around 7:25 pm, Paul told Christmas that he is definitely not using the veto which means Alex and Kevin will remain on the chopping block. At around 8:15 pm, Kevin told Paul, “I’m still with you and will try to win the next HOH so I can put up Christmas and Josh. Then we can get out Josh. Then me, you and Christmas can go to the end.”

At around 8:20 pm, Paul and Christmas had a very interesting conversation. Christmas actually suggested that they save Alex and evict Kevin instead. Paul didn’t agree with that suggestion. He said, “We’ll just have to spread around the blame for Alex not being saved. I can blame Josh and you by saying you threatened me that I’d lose your jury vote if I saved Alex with my veto.”


At around 8:30 pm, Paul asked Josh, “ Can I just say that you told me I’d lose your vote if I used the veto?” Josh replied with, “No, that’s not okay with me for you to say that to Alex.” Christmas said, “If we don’t lie to Alex then she’ll expose our final three to everyone in jury.”


Christmas said, “I expect Alex to blow up over the situation no matter how we handle it.” At around 9:10 pm, Josh told Paul, “Alex is pressuring me to stick to the plan of getting out Kevin.” Paul said she’s guilt tripping you.” Christmas started pushing Paul’s idea of blaming it on Josh for saying Paul won’t get his jury vote if Paul uses the veto. Josh again said, “No, that’s not okay.” Paul said, “I won’t say that.”


Christmas told Josh, “You’re not allowed to go off and do your own little plan again.” She made him promise to do what he said he was going to do. At around 9:30 pm, Christmas, Paul and Josh were talking about what they are going to tell Alex. Paul said he’s just going to tell her, “ You were too tough and we didn’t think we could beat you.” They also talked about how they’re going to try to throw Kevin off when it’s time to play the next HOH. Christmas plans on telling at Kevin and say that he wanted to have sex with her and she’s going to start cussing him out. Yeah, it’s crazy.

At around 9:47 pm, Josh talked alone to the cams again and said, “Christmas is a fool for believing Paul’s suggestions. Paul is putting all the blame on his most loyal allies while keeping his own hands clean. I have no choice but to go to the final three with Paul and Christmas since Paul won the veto and took away my choice. I’m upset that Christmas is angry over my rogue vote last round but she doesn’t mind that Paul is screwing us over. I didn’t ruin my game. That was my allies’ doing.”

At around 10:10 pm, Christmas said that she wants to go on the block against Kevin so he’ll feel bad when she stays over him. She said, “ I want his ego to shatter.” She also talked about all the mean things she plans to say to him.


Meanwhile, at around 10:20 pm, Blind as a bat Alex told Josh, “ I think Kevin knows he’s going next so he’s keeping things calm to avoid another fight.” At around 10:35 pm, Josh talked to the cams again and said, “I think I could expose what’s really happening if I just talk to Alex. I believe she’ll see that this is all a game move instead of a shady turn like Paul wants to make it out to be. I’m sure I need to have a truthful discussion with Alex so she sees my game before she goes to jury.”

At around 10:40 pm, Josh asked Kevin, “Did you throw the HOH comp?” Kevin said, “Absolutely did not. I couldn’t see the colors.” At around 11;20 pm, Josh and Christmas had another conversation. Josh told Christmas, “ Do you think Kevin threw the comp to expose us three working together.” Christmas said,” That seems likely and we can call him out on that. He can’t prove that we were working together.”


At around 11:40 pm, Josh talked alone to the cams again. He said, “Paul is getting away clean on all these moves. I’m going to play for myself here and watch out for my family.” At around 12:10 am today, September 10,2017, Kevin and Paul had a conversation. Paul told Kevin, “You’ll be safe. My word is my bond. I’m taking you to final three.” Kevin said, “If we get to final two together and I lose to you, I’ll be ok with that.” Wow.

Paul went on to tell Kevin, “ I voted against you in the last round.” Kevin was shocked by that. At around 1:15 am, Paul told Christmas, “ I’m worried about Josh.” Christmas said, “ I want Josh to stay away from her.” Paul said, “We might have to keep him out of it and just tell Alex, ‘we’re not voting for you.’” Christmas said, “I think he would probably feel best that way.” Paul said, “But at the same time, you and I would take all the heat.”

At around 1:30 am, Alex was seen talking to herself alone in the kitchen and said, “I miss Jason. I wish he hadn’t told Josh he was coming after him.” (Alex said that because that’s the fake story Josh fed her as a reason why he voted Jason out.) Man, Alex is going to be so blindsided on all levels before this week is over.

At around 1:40 am, Paul, Christmas and Josh had another conversation about how they plan to break the bad news to Alex. They went back and forth on different scenarios. They think Alex will be very aggressive in trying to stay until she actually walks out the door. That pretty much wrapped up all the conversations for yesterday and into early this morning.

Alex may or may not freak out when Paul doesn’t use the POV on her tomorrow because she might still think they’re voting out Kevin. However, Paul, Christmas and Josh are talking about telling Alex at some point that she is the target. So, whenever that happens, we should certainly expect to see some hurt emotions from Alex. We’ll have to wait and see.

Also, there is the chance Alex will get upset when Paul doesn’t use the veto on her because she doesn’t know that Paul is secretly working with Christmas and Josh. She currently just thinks Paul is working with her. So, in her mind it’s, “Why wouldn’t Paul use the veto save me?” When he doesn’t use it, she’s definitely going to have some questions at the very least.

As far as we know, Paul still wants to keep his Christmas and Josh alliance a secret until the end. So, it’ll be interesting to see how that works out. Alright, so just to recap, the Power of Veto competition was played yesterday and Paul won it. He doesn’t plan on using the veto to save Alex tomorrow which would leave her on the chopping block with Kevin.

The POV ceremony is expected to take place tomorrow sometime. There’s no telling what will happen when Paul doesn’t use the veto to save Alex. It will just depend on what’s going through Alex’s mind at the time. It could be a number of different things.

One thing that’s for sure is we can’t wait to find out and to let all of you guys know what happened. So, be sure to stay tuned for that report. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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