Big Brother 19 Josh Revealed He’s In A State Of Confusion Yesterday, September 15th

Big Brother 19 Josh Revealed He’s In A State Of Confusion Yesterday, September 15th

Yesterday, September 15,2017, there was one semi-interesting discussion that took place on the Big Brother season 19 live feeds and it involved Josh talking to none other than himself and us live feeders of course. He told the cams that he’s pretty much in a state of confusion about who he should actually take to the final two if he pulls out this final HOH win.

The confusion occurred because he started thinking that Christmas would definitely beat him in jury votes if he brought her. He’s now thinking that he might at least have a shot against Paul.His reasoning is that he thinks there might be enough people that are bitter at Paul in the jury house. Meanwhile, he thinks Christmas has a pretty good relationship with most of the jury.

Let’s go ahead and get into what he said on the feeds. At 6:09 pm pacific time, Josh told the live feed cams, “I’m going to fight my ass off. I’m going to give everything I got. This is it. It comes down to this and I am ready,hungrier and more focused. I feel like a lion. Just ready to go off and win. Take control of my own fate and my own destiny and not leave it in no one’s hands. It feels good.


You know Paul is taking me to final two. And Christmas is happy with whatever happens and I generally believe that. So, we’re just in a win win situation. I came into this house. I made friends that I’m going to have for the rest of my life.

I lived out a huge dream and now I have the opportunity to win and give back to my family. I played a fearless game. I called out people left and right. I didn’t care. I didn’t care that they were going to send me home. People underestimated me. I was the underdog the whole season. People looked passed me and that’s what got me here.

You know I think not showing people how intelligent I am or how much I knew the game or my social game. They saw it but they weren’t threatened by it because I was the goofy underdog and that’s where they played themselves. Don’t ever underestimate someone’s ability.

They all misjudged me and they all played themselves and I’m happy they did. You know I wouldn’t want to see anybody win this season but me, Paul and Christmas. We worked our a#@es off. We dealt with the most adversity personal and game wise. There were moments where we got so depressed that we didn’t know if we were going to get to this point.


The past three weeks have been hell for all of us and we were so stuck in this phase where we couldn’t shake off the mood. We couldn’t shake off the anxiety. We couldn’t shake anything off and now we’re at this point. And yesterday, all that weight was off of our shoulders. Like, we did it. We got everybody out that we wanted to in the order that we wanted to. We all helped each other get to this point. We all did our part.”

At 6:11 pm, Josh said, “I think I have a better chance at winning this game against Paul in the final two because people can be equally pissed off at the both of us. And I’ve been thinking about that since last week. Christmas had a good relationship with Elena. She left off in good terms with Mark. Kevin and her were good. Alex and her were good. Jason is going to respect her move because she got him out. He’s going to vote for her.


Raven is going to vote her. Matt’s gonna vote for her. I’m basically going to lose to Christmas. So, I don’t know. I think it’s going to come down to that split second and I have to choose. I think if I make a big move and get Paul out, people will be like. That would be the move that would bring my game full circle but I don’t know what the jury’s thinking. We’ll just have to wait and see.


I have time. We have the HOH. I have time to sit and think. So, I’m literally going to be in my head. Right now, I’m just focused on winning the second part of the HOH. I’m f@#cking gunning for it. I’m so hungry to win this HOH. I don’t give a f@#ck what I have to do. I really got to think what’s the best move for me to win this game.

Because I know Matt doesn’t want to see another vet win. Jason doesn’t want to see a vet win. Alex doesn’t want to see a vet win. I don’t know if Cody wants to. I think Elena would vote for Paul. I think Mark would vote for Paul. But Christmas would vote for me.


So, I would have Alex, Jason, Raven, Matt and Christmas. That’s all I need to win. Five votes. So, I don’t know. I think it is better for me to take Paul to the final two. Besides that, I have time. I need to get in competition mode. This is the last one. This is it. And I’m gonna go ham.”

At around 6:18 pm, Josh made fun of some of the previous houseguests saying thay they played themselves. He stated, “You know what’s funny? I remember a few weeks ago, I was in this room celebrating because Jess, Cody, Elena and Mark thought that I was getting evicted. But in reality, I was staying the whole week. They all played themselves. I’m in top three. Hey, boo boo. You played yourselves. Bye. ha!ha!”

That was pretty much it for any sort of game talk that went down yesterday because they slept for most of the day. They literally didn’t get up until around 12:30 pm pacific time. When Paul and Christmas were awake, all they did was eat and talk about life. They did a couple of diary room sessions and then went right back to sleep. Yesterday was boring.


Josh was pretty off with his thinking about the jury votes when it comes to Paul. Alex has indicated that she still wants to vote for Paul and that she’s trying to get Jason to as well. Josh is probably in a tough spot no matter who he were to take to the final two. Before this, he was dead set on getting rid of Paul. But now, he’s second-guessing that idea.

As previously reported, the second round of the final three part HOH is expected to be played at some point today. Christmas and Josh will battle it out to see which one of them faces Paul in the third round. The third round is scheduled to be played out in the special two hour Live finale show which will air this Wednesday night, September 20,2017 starting at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. So, be sure to make note of that.


We’ll be back with a new report of the winner of the second round later on today or tomorrow depending on when they actually get done playing it. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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