Bachelor In Paradise Danielle Lombard Revealed Shocking And Shady Things About Dean Unglert

Bachelor In Paradise Danielle Lombard Revealed Shocking And Shady Things About Dean Unglert

Recently, the folks over at Us Magazine interviewed the very beautiful Danielle Lombard aka D Lo (above left) who showed up on the recent season four of “Bachelor In Paradise” and got mixed up in all that drama with Dean Unglert (above right) and Kristina Schulman.

Danielle revealed some very interesting things that went on during that time. Apparently, neither Dean nor Kristina solidly claimed they were together. Dean called Danielle up to hang out right after he dumped her in the finale! She’s very frustrated with him, and more.

During their interview, she immediately went in on Dean. She said he doesn’t know what he wants and changes his mind every couple of hours! She stated, “Dean is the kind of person who changes his mind every couple of days. Maybe even every couple of hours. He doesn’t really know what he wants.”

Danielle also addressed what she felt about Dean when he decided to dump her for Kristina during the finale episode of “Bachelor In Paradise.” She was apparently pretty startled by it because they had actually made plans to do stuff together in the future.

She told them, “When I heard that I was just like, ‘You know what? You still have a lot of stuff to figure out. We had talked about doing things in the future together and had made plans to hang out. So, it was surprising he had changed his mind.”

In addition to the Dean talk, Danielle also answered questions about the production side of things. She revealed that she was hesitant about doing the show at first, but some previous participants finally convinced her it might be an ok experience.

She explained, “The way the producers made it seem like there was greater opportunity to meet someone that you could have a relationship with outside of the show. I was honestly hesitant to do Paradise because of the stigma it has of it being like spring break and everyone is hooking up. But everyone I talked to that did the show, whether they had a great edit or not, said it was an incredible experience.”

Next, they asked her if she was already in Mexico when the show encountered that big production halt. She revealed that she was actually there and stuck in a hotel for five days! She said, “Yes, I was actually stuck in my hotel room for five days. It was pretty insane. I tried to do whatever I could to get out of the room and have some human interaction. The producers actually let me go to the gym and the spa which was really nice. I would just spend hours there.”

She also went on to explain what the producers gave her as an explanation. She said they were very vague. A complaint was filed against two of the contestants by a third party.

She definitely questions what really went on stating, “Everything was very vague. I assumed maybe a stalker or a fan had gotten on set and caused a controversy. You wouldn’t guess that something like this would happen. People have hooked up on the show and it’s been filmed. We have to question the reason why producers felt it was necessary to file a claim for sexual misconduct.”

Danielle said she was quite disappointed that she might not ever get to do the show when that whole scandal broke out. She told them, “I was really disappointed. They tried to stay optimistic and said if the investigation closed, they would hopefully resume filming.

They initially had told me that I could continue to stay in the hotel until they figured things out but at that point, I didn’t want to be in a hotel room for five more days. Jasmine Goode, Raven Gates and Alexis Waters and I were eating our feelings. We were carb loading with pizza and pasta.”

Once the investigation wrapped up, Danielle revealed that she was actually excited to go back for another shot stating, “I was excited for another opportunity. We had all planned a trip to Vegas for Jasmine’s 30th birthday and were really excited to go.

I think it was only two or three days before the trip that they called us. Production was pretty adamant about having us back. I told them, “I’m not flying back if I’m going to be in a hotel room for another five days!”

From here, they talked about the Dean and Kristina situation again. She revealed that she had no idea they already hooked up when she got there. She told them when they asked her about it, “I had no idea. During the break, my focus wasn’t on who was in a relationship because I really thought it was over. I saw a Snapchat of Kristina and Dean together and I heard they were hanging out after the show but I didn’t know the extent of everything.”

Danielle revealed that Dean wasn’t her only option going in to the show. She had actually experienced a nice time with Ben Zat at one point. Apparently, she knew him before the show. She said, “No, it wasn’t like Dean was my only option and I was only pursuing him.

Ben Z and I actually had a very nice time together. I knew him before the show because he’s one of Jasmine’s good friends. In Paradise, I was trying to see if we had a connection. I think he’s a great person, but I just didn’t feel the chemistry with him. It’s funny because they just don’t show that!”

Next, she went on to reveal that if either Dean or Kristina had spoken up and firmly told her they were together, she would’ve definitely pursued someone else. But, that certainly wasn’t the case here. Neither one of them claimed each other at all.

She explained,”When I talked to Dean, he told me he and Kristina did hang out during the break but that he wanted to pump the brakes. He wanted to date other people and had encouraged her to do the same thing. And when I talked to Kristina, she said that they weren’t in a relationship either. I figured I would spend time with him and if there wasn’t a connection, at least I would know and I could try and pursue another relationship.”

Danielle explained that she and Dean connected so well because they’re very light-hearted people and just wanted to have fun with each other. Not put pressure on each other to get engaged. She thinks that was the main difference between her and Kristina.

She stated, “We’re both very light-hearted people. I think that was one of the main differences between my relationship with him versus Kristina’s. He was just someone that I felt super comfortable with. We laugh all the time and we’re very smiley people. I just felt like we had this light-hearted connection where we just wanted to have fun. We didn’t want to put pressure on ourselves with the thought of getting engaged at the end of this. We just wanted to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting.”

Danielle talked more about what her reaction was to Dean wanting to leave separately at the finale. She revealed that she kind of knew it was a possibility because he was under a lot of stress with the whole love triangle situation. However, it was still hard for her to hear.

She explained, “I knew the situation between me, Kristina and him caused a lot of stress. I think in the back of my mind I knew it was a possibility that he would want to leave separately. It was still hard for me to hear though. I was like, “If he’s having doubts, I don’t want to get involved with someone like that. I rather he tell me now so we can move on separately.” But that’s not what happened afterwards.”

From there, she went on to explain the shocking things that happened after Dean broke that crazy news to her. Apparently, he gave her a call to hang out right after it happened. She tried to hang up on him but eventually talked with him again.

She explained, “We left in separate vans to go back to the hotel. It’s funny because when I pulled up, there was another car in front of me and I was like, “I bet that’s Dean.” Sure enough, he gets out. I was like, “Screw this guy.” I got back to my hotel room and I think it was five minutes after I put my bags down that I got a phone call from him.

I didn’t want to talk to him at all. I hung up on him several times before actually staying on the line. I gave it to him straight. I said, “You don’t know what you want. You made a complete fool of me on national television. You literally told me you loved someone else and now you’re calling me saying you want to hang out.

I just don’t understand your thought process.” He told me that he was encouraged to say those things. I just think it was his way of saving face at the end of Paradise. He came over to my hotel room and we talked some more. As soon as we got back to L.A., we hung out with each other and started this off camera relationship that I thought was going in the right direction.”

Danielle said that she also made sure to tell Dean that if he wanted to pursue things further with her, he needed to cut off the communication with Kristina. She told him, “If you’re still talking to Kristina, then you need to talk with Kristina. But if you want to focus on our relationship and see where it goes then you need to cut that communication off. I don’t believe he was hooking up with anyone else. But I think he was very good at making sure that we weren’t saying we were boyfriend and girlfriend or in an exclusive relationship.”

Danielle also talked about how she gets along with Kristina today. She doesn’t hold anything against her, but they would probably never hang out together. She stated, “I don’t hold anything against Kristina. In terms of a friendship. I think it’s where we were post-Bachelor and before Bachelor in Paradise. We hang out with a lot of the same people but would her and I ever hang out one on one? No. It’s not to say I don’t like her. Some people you get a lot with more than others.”

Lastly, they asked her what her relationship is like with Dean right now. She revealed that she’s definitely disappointed him. She feels very disrespected by him and is very frustrated!

She stated, “I’m definitely frustrated with him. I think he’s been very dismissive of our relationship and continues to allude that he only pursued me because of my looks. I’ve never been in a position or a relationship where I’ve felt so disrespected by someone.

It’s frustrating because he told me he would have my back and stand up for me but at the end of the day, he just saves himself instead of being honest about things. It’s a lesson learned moving forward. I don’t hate him but I am disappointed.”

That wrapped up their interview with Danielle. Things definitely don’t seem to have gotten better between her and Dean. Danielle does seem very forgiving and sweet. I just seems like Dean is one of those guys that just has too many options and doesn’t really know what he wants. Stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on our Bachelor In Paradise Facebook page for more Bachelor Nation news by Clicking Here.

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