Two Big Brother 19 Houseguests Selected To Compete On CBS’ ‘Amazing Race’ Reality Show

Two Big Brother 19 Houseguests Selected To Compete On CBS’ ‘Amazing Race’ Reality Show

According to a recent article from the folks over at the The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has revealed at least two of the new castmembers they want to compete in their upcoming “The Amazing Race” season 30. They decided to dip into none other than their Big Brother season 19 cast pool to get them!

And well, it looks like they just can’t get enough of the controversial Big Brother season 19 couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. They have indeed been selected to participate in the 30th season of the show!

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This latest casting comes off the heels of Jessica being selected to appear in a few episodes of CBS’ hit soap opera show “The Bold And The Beautiful.” Jessica recently revealed after the Big Brother finale show that she’s currently scheduled to appear in two of “The Bold And The Beautiful” episodes, and is scheduled to possibly come back! So, that’s pretty wild. Her first B&B episode is scheduled to air on Monday, October 2,2017.

Back to the Amazing Race stuff. The Hollywood Reporter says the pair will be heading out to the big apple New York City because that’s where the first leg of the new season 30 will begin. Instead of competing for $500,000, the couple will be competing for the whopping $1 million dollars grand prize that this show offers up to the winner. We actually think Cody might be pretty good at this as it’s more of a competition-based reality show. It should be interesting.

THR also reports that Jessica and Cody’s take off will be a LIVE event. CBS is inviting all their fans to watch them take off at the Washington Square Park located on Fifth Ave. and Waverly Place in New York on Sunday, October 1,2017. The public start is scheduled to begin at approximately 11:30 a.m. Right now, Jessica and Cody’s names are the only names that have been leaked for the new season.

In the past, Amazing Race has had other Big Brother contestants on their show. They are: Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder and Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas. In a vice versa situation, we’ve seen Amazing Race contestants Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon cross over to compete in a season of Big Brother during its 17th season.

THR got to interview Jessica and Cody about their future Amazing Race outing. They asked Jessica,”What were both of your reactions when you found out you were going to be on The Amazing Race?”

Jessica revealed that she was ecstatic, and Cody though it was great. After that, she was immediately told that they leave in 14 freaking days! She told them, “I got a phone call on my drive home from casting asking if I wanted to do AR with Cody and I said absolutely. He responded with, ‘Great! I’ll have someone at your house in an hour to pick up your passport. You leave in 14 days.’

I was floored. I figured it wouldn’t be for at least a couple of months. It all just happened so fast that I had to force myself to stop and take a second to process the information! Cody was still in jury sequester and we didn’t even get anytime to really talk about it. We’re just diving right into another project and it’s extremely exciting!”

Cody revealed that he already knew about this Amazing Race gig before he got out of the jury house. So, they definitely didn’t waste anytime trying to get these two on board.

THR asked them, “Why do you think you both were selected to do The Amazing Race over your other Big Brother houseguests?”

They think it’s because the other houseguests are duds. Cody answered, “Well, I didn’t like the other houseguests. I just thought they were duds the whole time and I guess America thought so too.”Jessica agreed with Cody saying, “Same.”

Jessica also said the same thing we were thinking. That Cody will do well in a competition like this. So, she will definitely be trying to listen to everything has to say in this as opposed to their Big Brother experience.

She stated, “This is something Cody is going to shine in. So, this time around, he’s the boss. But he shouldn’t get use to it.”

Next, they were asked, “What do you predict being the biggest challenges for this?” Jessica answered,”Being seen as a threat and making enemies too soon. The last thing I want is a double U turn sending us home.” Cody agreed with her.

They were asked, “Will you be better racers than Big Brother players?” Jessica responded by saying, “In Big Brother, we weren’t ever given a fighting chance after Cody’s HOH. I can’t imagine this cast being equally a pack of scared little girls. I’m hoping we’re competing against people who appreciate good competitors.”

Cody pointed out, “A girl with a broken foot won a sprinting competition on BB19. Yes, there will be better racers on Amazing Race.”

Alright guys. There you have it. It looks like CBS only wants to do some extra things outside of Big Brother with Jessica and Cody. How do you guys feel about it? Are you looking forward to seeing these two race around the world for a chance to win a whopping $1 million dollars? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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