Our ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Friday September 29,2017 Episode Review

Our ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Friday September 29,2017 Episode Review

Hey guys. So, we just got done watching today’s September 29,2017 episode of “The Bold And The Beautiful.” We thought the scenes that featured Wyatt and Liam were pretty interesting because it seemed like Liam was almost getting Wyatt to think about seeing things his way and possibly joining this new mission that he has all mapped out for Spencer Publications.

However, later on in the episode, Wyatt revealed that he’s definitely not on board with Liam’s plans. Wyatt doesn’t think they’re experienced enough yet to run such a prestigious company as Spencer Publications.

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Liam of course differed in that opinion. What we found really interesting is the part when Wyatt tried to get through to Liam’s thick skull that Bill will definitely attempt to get revenge on him, and it’ll be in ways that he could’ve never imagined!

I mean after that, Wyatt sure had us convinced, and it sort of looked like he made Liam start to think maybe he should think twice. Of course, we won’t know for sure if that’s the case until we see this storyline progress further.

The Bill and Steffy scenes played out the way we thought they would. Bill is starting to give her more and more compliments and has progressed to touching her affectionately. And Steffy isn’t showing any discomfort at all.

She was smiling and giggling like a school girl. We definitely think they’re building that up to go to places that will cause a lot of problems. Also, there were undertones that implied Bill may try to get back at Liam through Steffy. So, that added further interest to this situation.

Lastly, they gave us some more Brooke and Ridge scenes. He definitely expressed to her that he wants her back in his life full time. Although Brooke was flattered, she definitely made it clear that she needs more time before she considers anything further. We certainly think it’s just a matter of time before they hook up again. She thinks Bill is the boogey man right now, and Ridge has swooped right in on that. It’s classic.

All in all, we thought today’s September 29,2017 episode was highly entertaining and intriguing. Even though it’s pretty obvious which direction they’re going with the Bill and Steffy storyline. It’s still fun to watch it and see how it will build up and play out.

The Wyatt and Liam conversation got way more interesting than we thought it would there at the end. Wyatt said some very strong things to Liam about what Bill is capable of, and it might have possibly made Liam start thinking twice. We’re not sure, bit it may have. Whatever the case, we were intrigued by that conversation. The Brooke and Ridge scenes didn’t really do too much for us, but they were ok. They weren’t terrible.

Alright guys. That was our two cents for today’s Friday, September 29,2017 episode. Let us know what you guys thought of today’s episode in the comments. We’ll be back a little bit later on to go over what’s in store for Monday’s October 2nd,2017 installment. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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