‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Bill Is About To Get Help For Another Big Scandal

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Bill Is About To Get Help For Another Big Scandal

Alright, so according to a new report from Soaps.com,we’re about to see Bill plot out a new, big scandal. If this scandal works, it could definitely put him back in the driver’s seat at Spencer Publications. This is why Bill is going to needs some very specialized help to pull it off.

That’s where this new guy Ken will come into play. It’s being reported by both Soaps.com and TVinsider.com that Bill is going to hire a tech wiz guy named Ken to hack into the Spencer Publications computer files in an effort to retrieve the incriminating recording that Liam has of Bill confessing to setting the Spectra building on fire.

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Obviously, if Bill can get his hands on it, Liam would have nothing to continue blackmailing Bill with. That would set the stage for Bill to return and take back his company. The big question here is will this latest Bill scandal work? We’ll definitely have to keep watching to find out because no other information was given.

We do know that the tech wiz Ken is scheduled to make his first appearance in the Thursday, October 19,2017 episode. There’s no mention of Ken appearing in any other episodes after that. So, we don’t know if that will be his only episode.

If that one is Ken’s only episode, he will definitely work fast to get the intel that Bill desires. Actually, we just checked IMDB , and they have Ken listed to appear in two episodes back to back. So, it looks like we’ll also see him in the Friday, October 20,2017 episode.

The Ken character is going to be played by actor Danny Woodburn (above right). Danny played the demon elf on the now defunct “Passions” soap opera during 2007 and 2008. TVinsider.com got a chance to interview him about his new Bold And The Beautiful role.

Danny revealed of his Ken character that Bill is going to be shelling out a ton of cash to pay Ken to pull off this very intricate job. Danny said he couldn’t reveal much more than that, but he did reveal something pretty interesting.

He said that Ken is setup to get paid whether he completes the job or not! Danny told them, “Bill is willing to pay lots and lots of dough for Ken to get hold of the evidence Liam has in his files. I can’t say how it turns out but Ken’s no fool. He gets paid either way!”

During their interview,Danny also revealed that working on the Bold And The Beautiful set was so great that it was like a vacation for him. He stated, “I advocate for performers with disabilities to play all kinds of people not just characters with disabilities. It’s a tough business for everybody. This is my 27th year with a union card and I’m always excited to be on a set. To me, being at B&B isn’t work. It’s a vacation. When I have a job, I can actually relax!”

TVinsider.com also revealed that Danny Woodburn was hired for the Ken job after speaking on the subject of diversity at a luncheon for CBS casting directors which was attended by Bold And The Beautiful’s head of casting Christy Dooley.

Aside from “Passions,” Danny Woodburn’s acting resume includes numerous amounts of roles since 1991. Some of them are: Hunter TV show, Murder, She Wrote, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, Lord Of Illusions, The West Side Waltz TV movie, Malcom & Eddie TV show, Baywatch Nights, “Tracey Takes On” TV show, The Pretender, Seinfeld, Conan.

Damon TV show, Silk Stalkings, Baywatch, Beverly Hills 90210, Los & Found, Early Edition TV series, Veronica’s Closet TV show, The Flinstones in Viva RockVegas, Special Unit 2, Becker,Philly, CSI; Crime Scene Investigation, The District, Angel, She Spies, Charmed, Hope & Faith, 8 Simple Rules, One Tree Hill.

The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, Monk TV show, Cory in the House TV show, Men in Trees TV show, Gemini Division, ICarly, Party Down TV show, This Little Piggy TV show,Bones, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Melissa & Joey, Jane The Virgin and many more. So yeah, Danny has been a very busy actor over the years.

This new storyline sounds like it could deliver and interesting new twist in the plotline especially if Ken is able to retrieve the incriminating evidence for Bill. What do you guys think? Are you excited for this new plot twist? Or do you think it’s lousey? Let us know in the comments.

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