New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Episodes Are About To Get Delayed

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Episodes Are About To Get Delayed

Hey,”Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’ve got a little bit of bad news for you guys in this article. It turns out that we’re about to run into a few days where the show will not be airing new episodes or just not airing at all!

This tragic set of events is scheduled to take place later this week. As you all know, this is Thanksgiving week. In light of that, CBS has opted to show a rerun on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23,2017. Then on Friday, November 24,2017 which is also known as “Black Friday,” CBS will air a big football game.

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Looking at the bright side of this, any of you guys who are really into the holidays and spending time with your families will more than likely appreciate this break since you’ll probably be too busy with all that to watch the show. We’re guessing that CBS thinks the majority of people will be busy celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. So, that makes sense.

Another reason is that CBS wants to cover this big college football game on Friday. Let’s go over the CBS schedule for both days. According to the TV Guide listings, CBS will be airing a rerun of of “Bold And The Beautiful” on Thursday, November 23,2017. It’ll be a rerun that features thanksgiving activities.

The description for that episode reads like this: “Pam, Charlie, Katie and Brooke endure chaos in the kitchen as they prepare the Thanksgiving meal. The Forresters, Logans and Spencers put their family and business drama aside as they come together to show gratitude and enjoy family time together.”

That rerun will be followed up be a rerun of “The Talk.” If any of you guys watch that show, you’ll want to schedule something else for that as well. TV Guide tells us that episode will be the one where Kaitlin Olson and Kevin Frazier were the special celebrity guests. This is also the one where they announced that musician and actress Eve was announced to be a new co-host.

On Friday, November 24,2017,CBS will air a football special in “The Bold And The Beautiful’s” 12:30 pm central time slot. It’s labeled, “10 Greatest: College Quarterbacks.” It’s going to last for an hour. Then it’ll be followed up by CBS’ coverage of the big college football game we mentioned earlier.

The game will feature the Missouri Tigers against the Arkansas Razorbacks. The game will be played at the Razorback Stadium. It sounds like it’ll be a pretty exciting event for any of you who happen to be college football fans. If you’re not, you’ll definitely want to schedule something else if you haven’t already.

As for the “Bold And The Beautiful” show, it’s been quite a crazy month. First, we saw Bill blow up the “Spectra Fashions” building with Sally and Liam still inside. That was just a whole big mess. But, did Bill stop there? No, he didn’t. This past week, we just saw him sleep with Liam’s wife Steffy with absolutely no regards for Liam’s feelings. In fact, Bill is still making plans to try and steal Steffy away from Liam!

From what we’re hearing from some official CBS storyline teasers, November still has some more very intriguing plotlines to offer up especially when it comes to this Bill and Steffy drama. As we previously reported in our November 20,2017 episode teaser post, it’s going to be revealed that Quinn and Eric know that Steffy slept with Bill.

Quinn is going to confront Steffy about it before the break this week. When it happens, Steffy is going to be extremely shocked that Quinn knows. Heck, we’re shocked that Quinn knows. It’s like, “What were they doing? Just sitting around spying on them?” It sounds really strange. We definitely want them to reveal how in the hell Quinn and Eric know that Bill and Steffy slept together.They better give us a damn good explanation.

For now, it appears that Sally will be out of the picture for a while since Liam is fully dedicated in devoting all his time to kissing up to Steffy in an effort to make up for kissing Sally. Unfortunately, he’s not yet privy to the fact that Steffy committed an even worse act with Bill, and isn’t saying a word about it to Liam. We certainly hope Liam finds out as soon as possible and just blows a gasket.

Also, Thorne Forrester is set to return to the storyline before November is over. We’re told that he may cause some issues for this budding fling that Brooke and Ridge might be trying to do right now. We know Ridge is certainly trying. Brooke is a little more apprehensive given their past together and all.

Oh, actually CBS just recently released a new preview clip for Thorne Forrester’s return. They confirmed that he’s due to make his first appearance back on Monday, November 27,2017. So, be sure to mark that big date down on your TV Show calendars. That also confirms that the show will be right back into new episode action after the Thursday and Friday break.

In the clip, they showed what we previously reported. Former General Hospital “Jax” Actor Ingo Rademacher is taking over the Thorne Forrester role after the producers made the giant decision to recast the role which left actor Windsor Harmon on the outs. Windsor had portrayed the Thorne Forrester character for about 20 years starting back in 1996. So, this was quite a big deal for fans. Ingo will need to do one hell of a good job to win over those long time fans of Windsor.

In the Ringo Rademacher/Thorne Forrester preview clip, it shows him dressed to the nines in a very snazzy suite and tie. Then towards the end,Ringo utters the words, “Nice fit don’t you think?” So, we’ll see if Ingo is indeed a “nice fit” for the role of Thorne Forrester starting next Monday, November 27,2017. You guys can view the new Ringo Rademacher/Thorne Forrester preview clip over at Youtube by Clicking Here.

The Bold and The Beautiful will also be featuring a big Thanksgiving special episode on Wednesday, November 22,2017. It sounds like it’ll be pretty interesting since it will feature an awkward Bill and Steffy moment. Be sure to look out for that.

After the Thanksgiving break and towards the end of next week, we should get a lot of new storyline teasers for December 2017. Once we do, we’ll definitely give you guys a big preview for that.

The people over at revealed some other good news for “The Bold And The Beautiful” show. They say that it got a pretty good viewership spike since February 24,2017. The viewership for hit has jumped about six percent since then. It’s currently averaging 3.70 million viewers per episode. That’s the largest audience it’s had since the February 24,2017 date.

With numbers like that, your favorite soap opera isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can bet on that. Also, if any of you guys are fans of CBS’ other hit soap opera “The Young And The Restless,” you’ll be happy to know that it has also received a viewership bump.

Soapcentral reports that it’s currently averaging a whopping 4.62 million viewers per episode. The viewership is up about five percent and is receiving its largest audience since May 19,2017. Again, with awesome numbers like that, “The Young And The Restless” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either. You can bet the farm and the guest house on that.

In fact, that same soapcentral report says that all soap operas are doing well with the viewership numbers these days. NBC’s “Days Of Our Lives” and ABC’s “General Hospital” recently got a spike in viewership.

Alright guys. That’s going to wrap it up for our special Thanksgiving break report. We hope you guys found it very informative. We’ll of course return with the daily storyline teasers. Be on the lookout for those.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on ABC. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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