New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Episodes Are Getting Delayed Again

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Episodes Are Getting Delayed Again

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Unfortunately, we have some bad news to give you guys today. It turns out that CBS is about to halt new episodes both this Friday, December 29,2017 and Monday, January 1,2018. That’s right. You guys are going to have to wait until Tuesday,January 2,2018 to see what new drama is going to ignite from Liam finding that paternity test in Steffy’s purse.

One of our commenters did predict it would happen that way. So, kudos to them. We knew something else was about to happen with their situation. We just didn’t know exactly what would happen. But getting back to CBS not airing the show. We know why they aren’t airing it on Monday. That’s New year’s day. But why in the hell aren’t they airing it tomorrow? The last time I checked, December 29th was never a holiday.

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According to the TV Guide listings, CBS wants to do LIVE coverage of a big College basketball game tomorrow. The Louisville Cardinals will be competing against the Kentucky Wildcats at the Rupp Arena located in Lexington, Kentucky. If any of you are fans of College basketball or any of these teams, this might be good news for you.

However, we suspect that most of you could care less about College Basketball which would make this pretty much horrible news. If you fall in that group that hates this news, you’ll definitely want to make other plans for tomorrow if you haven’t already. The basketball game is scheduled to air from 12 pm central time until 2 pm central standard time or whenever the game is over whichever one comes first.

As for Monday, January 1,2018, CBS is scheduled to air a rerun of “The Bold And The Beautiful.” According to TV Guide, they will be airing the episode that was first shown way back on March 13,2017.

That episode’s description reads like this, “Katie becomes surprised and hurt at Brooke’s reaction to her suspicions concerning Quinn and Ridge. Eric, Ridge and Brooke relish in the fact that things are on the upswing for the Forrester family.”

So, CBS is going to take us back to the time when Quinn and Ridge were fooling around. If you’re not interested in seeing that rerun, you’ll definitely want to make some other plans for this Monday.

Unfortunately, CBS hasn’t released their official storyline teaser description for Tuesday’s January 2,2018 episode as of yet. However,we can tell you that the Steffy and Liam situation is about to get even messier. Apparently, Ridge is going to find out that Bill slept with Steffy at some point.

Sally is going to come back into the picture to give Liam a shoulder to cry on. However, the returning Hope is going to provide some competition for Sally. And we suspect that Liam will have an extremely hard time if ever forgiving Steffy for sleeping with Bill. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a divorce in the future. It sounds like he’s definitely going to run back to Sally at some point in January.

We were able to get some idea of what’s going to take place in the Tuesday, January 2,2018 episode via the preview clip for it. The first preview scene they provided involves Carter and Maya. Apparently, the show is still trying to involve them in the storylines from time to time. Carter is expressing to Maya that he misses their relationship. He tells her, “I miss you. I miss us.”

How will Maya respond? That is the huge question for this particular scene. We’re hearing that she’s going to be quite startled and taken back by it. So, it appears that they’re trying to get some drama stirred up with that side of the storyline.

In the second preview scene, they gave us a brief look at what Bill will be up to. Apparently, he still thinks Liam will be kept in the dark about his Steffy affair forever. Bill says, “He has no idea, and he never will.”

They didn’t show who he was talking to in the scene. We’re guessing he’s still talking to Justin Barber especially since he’s the only person Bill has told about it. Obviously, Liam is getting closer than ever to learning who Steffy slept with. He certainly knows she slept with someone else besides him in the not-to-distant past after finding those paternity test papers in Steffy’s purse.

Wow, how careless was Steffy? Apparently, she should have hidden those papers deep under the earth or burned them. Now, the cat is out of the bag. This leads us to the third and final preview scene.

It of course features none other than Liam and Steffy. Actually, Steffy isn’t in the frame, but we know that’s who Liam is talking to given the nature of the conversation and the steam coming out of his ears. He is supremely ticked off. We’re going to see Liam grill the hell out of Steffy to tell him why she took a paternity test. Liam is seen yelling at Steffy, “Why did you order a paternity test?!”

What is Steffy going to tell him? That is the burning question for this crazy scenario. Will she tell him she actually slept with Bill, or will she make up another story to cover it up? We cannot wait to find out. CBS didn’t reveal whether or not Liam discovers it was Bill. So, we can’t say with absolute certainty that Liam will find out that Steffy slept with Bill.

The one thing that we do know is that it will certainly be interesting to see how they make this whole thing play out. Currently, we know Liam is aware that Steffy has been up to some dirty stuff. So, all the happy, happy, joy, joy stuff is over. Now, we’ll be seeing screaming matches, crying and anger-filled moments to no end.

Also, a couple of twists and turns are coming our way with the return of Hope and Ridge finding out that Bill slept with Steffy. Oh my goodness. It’s just going to get insane guys. Expect our January 2018 teaser post to come out in the next couple of days. Also, you guys can view the new preview clip for the upcoming Tuesday,January 2,2018 episode over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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  1. Australia says:

    Why is there now again like last year, the first time ever,
    an Australian Summer break with no Bold and Beautiful being broadcasted ???
    We are now two and a half months behind, this is a disgrace !
    Please catch up and no more summer breaks please !
    Kind regards

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