‘Bold And The Beautiful’ To Deliver Very Intense,Startling And Intriguing Storylines In January 2018

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ To Deliver Very Intense,Startling And Intriguing Storylines In January 2018

Hey “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. The New Year is upon us and Bold And The Beautiful is definitely not going to be holding back in January 2018. CBS recently served up some official storyline teasers for a couple of the major plotlines that will be featured.

I think the main one is this whole Steffy, Bill and Liam triangle. If you thought it got crazy towards the end of December 2017, you haven’t seen anything yet. Obviously, starting on Tuesday,January 2,2017, we will definitely see the continuation of Liam finding the paternity test papers in Steffy’s purse after she carelessly left it in existence. She should’ve burned that thing.


As we previously reported, we’re going to see a very angry Liam give Steffy the third degree questioning drill as to why she took a freaking paternity test. So, that’s already going to steam up the month of January right out of the gate. The heat will just keep picking up from there.

CBS is saying that Steffy and Bill’s affair will finally be exposed. They didn’t mention who it gets exposed to though. We’re guessing they mean that Liam will finally find out about it, but we won’t know for sure until the episode airs. Their official description of this way overdue moment reads like this, “Steffy’s betrayal with Bill is revealed.” An alternate description reads like this, “Steffy and Liam teeter on the brink of no return as the details of Steffy and Bill’s betrayal are revealed.” So, again guys definitely get ready for that. It will surely make all hell break loose as early as this week!

Oh, but it won’t stop there. Before the end of this week, we’re going to see Liam confront Bill with some extreme aggression. So, I think this actually answers our previous question of if the affair gets exposed to Liam. CBS’s description tells us, “Liam aggressively confronts Bill.” An alternate description reads like this, “Angry and confrontational, Liam becomes the aggressor when he comes face-to-face with Bill.”

So yes guys. We are finally going to see what we’ve all been waiting for these last couple of weeks. Liam will find out about the affair and totally blow up on Bill. Who knows? We might even see a physical fight. One thing’s for sure is that the drama is just going to keep coming at a nonstop pace.


There’s another teaser that says Liam will tell Bill he’s going to pay for what he did. Their description reads like this, “Appalled by the behavior of his father and his wife, Liam makes it clear to Bill that there are severe consequences for his actions.” An alternate description reads like this, “A shocked and outraged Liam assures Bill he will pay a price for his actions.”

How will Bill respond to this major threat from Liam? That’s definitely a huge question that we have for this crazy storyline. We absolutely can’t wait to see how this moment is going to play out, and we know most of you guys can’t either. However, if you thought the madness ended there, you would be extremely wrong. It turns out that Ridge who is Steffy’s father is going to find out that Bill had an affair with Steffy, and it will make him super livid!

CBS’ description of this pivotal moment reads like this, “Ridge learns Bill is unconcerned with his divorce from Brooke because he is focused on his liaison with Steffy which sends him into a fury.” Oh my, my ,my. What is Ridge going to do after he learns of this information? Will he threaten Bill as well? Those are the big questions that immediately come to our minds for this situation. That should definitely give us some more boiling hot scenes to look forward to.

The next couple of teasers were going to talk about sound more intriguing than dramatic. However, they could definitely lead to some heavy drama. There’s no doubt about that. It turns out that Thorne will still be trying to carry out his vendetta against Ridge. He will still try to steal Brooke from Ridge and try to claim the CEO position at Forrester Creations.


Will Thorne be successful in these crazy endeavors? Those are the major questions for this particular storyline. We feel like if Thorne can’t make any leeway with his plot this time around, he should fly on back to Paris. At some point, they’ll need to stop repeating his storyline plans before they get tired and played out. Heck, they’re already making say, ‘Here we go again with this Thorne crap.”


Next up, we’ve got the return of Hope Logan and guess who she’s going to reach out to? None other than Liam. Apparently, she’s going to find out about all the crap that Steffy pulled and try to move in on that situation. However, she will have some stiff competition because Sally will be brought back into the picture before Hope arrives.

Sally is also going to be prepping to put up a fight for Liam after she learns of Hope’s intentions. CBS’ description of that situation reads like this, “Sally provides support to Liam and refuses to take a backseat when Hope comes back into the picture.”


So, as you guys can see, this sounds like a very intriguing plotline that will develop. It also definitely leaves the door open for some extra,blazing hot drama to get stirred up. And at this point, it appears that Steffy really won’t have much of a play here except for the fact that she’s carrying Liam’s child.


Then of course with all the stress she will be experiencing, it wouldn’t surprise us to see her run into some complications with the pregnancy. One thing that is for sure is she’s certainly going to get hardcore shunned and maybe even have a nervous breakdown. Who knows? Anything’s possible at this point.

It also wouldn’t surprise us to see Bill eventually try to take advantage of Steffy again during this very vulnerable time. We think it will be really interesting to see how their dynamic plays out after Liam becomes privy to their affair. Also, will Liam actually call it “quits” on his marriage to Steffy?


It certainly sounds like it. We’re sure Sally and Hope will provide many reasons to do so. The January episodes are just going to provide a plethora of never-ending twists and turns that are filled with extreme drama. There’s no doubt about that.

The final teaser that was thrown into the January outlook mix has to do with Katie and Wyatt. We found this storyline to be the least interesting one of them all. I mean do we really care what happens with their relationship? I don’t know about you guys, but we certainly aren’t particularly moved by it.

Having said that, it turns out that they’ll still be dealing with the same questions they been asking for the last umpteen months which is, “How long can they last?” So, if any of you care, that’s what will be going on with them in January. Basically, you can just expect to see more of the same from them. It doesn’t sound like there will be any major surprises with that situation.

Actually, Wyatt might provide some interesting moments for one particular situation. There is a teaser that says he’ll be questioning Bill about how much he knows of Steffy’s pregnancy. We think that could get pretty intriguing. Also, we suspect he will learn of the affair at some point. We’d be surprised if he didn’t. I mean he would have to leave town to be kept out of the loop. Anyways, if and when he finds out, it’ll be interesting to see his reaction.

Update: CBS just recently released a new preview clip of some future Bold And Beautiful scenes. One of them features Steffy telling Liam that Bill was the one she had an affair with, and he is just absolutely livid in it! Steffy is seen down on her knees trying to stop Liam from storming off, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to be very successful at that. Liam looks like he wants to hurt somebody for sure!

The next scene surely enough reveals that there is a fight that happens guys. Fight Alert! Liam and Bill are spotted brawling in his freaking office! Oh my gosh. This is crazy. We suspect that Liam is just going to barge in and go for it. At one point, Bill is seen screaming, “What Have I done?!” It’s wild guys. It’s really wild. You guys can view this new Bold And The Beautiful January preview clip over on Youtube by Clicking Here. The first part shows a Young And The restless preview. After that, is shows the Bold And The Beautiful stuff. Check it out.

Alright guys. Those are the major January 2018 plotlines that we’re aware of at the moment, and they sound more than adequate to make January just absolutely explode. How do you guys feel about what’s in store for January 2018? Let us know in the Facebook comments. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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