New Celebrity Big Brother HOH Winner Revealed For February 13, 2018

New Celebrity Big Brother HOH Winner Revealed For February 13, 2018

Hey, Big Brother Fans. Last night, they almost gave us a crazy “backdoor Shannon” live eviction, but Keshia ruined it with her super lame breast milk situation. After the live show, we did get to find out who the new HOH was via the live feeds.

It turns out that the beauty pageant contestant girl Ariadna Gutiérrez pulled out the victory. So, she is our new HOH for this round. It appears that the plans are still to attempt to backdoor poor Shannon with a backup plan to get rid of James if Shannon happens to win the Power Of Veto.


Let’s go ahead and give you guys a brief rundown of what took place on the feeds last night. At around 7:40 pm pacific time, February 12, 2018, the feeds cut out for the HOH competition. Then finally at around 10:51 pm, the feeds cut back on.

At around 10:53 pm, Brandi Glanville was spotted running into the mint room to party it up with Ariadna! At around 10:55 pm, Ariadna and Brandi told Omarosa about their secret plan to backdoor Shannon. From there, they went on to discuss making plans to pretty much do it again with James as the back-up.

At around 10:56 pm, Ross, Mark and Marissa were seen talking about nominating Omarosa and Metta to be pawns for this huge Shannon backdoor plan. At around 11 pm, Ariadna started experiencing some sort of coughing problems. It got so bad that she eventually had to borrow Marissa’s inhaler. Then she went to the diary room to get some medical attention.

At around 11:54 pm, Ariadna finally made her way back and appeared to be doing much better. At around 11:55 pm, Metta was spotted by himself celebrating Ariadna’s win in the storage room. He also declared that things have gotten personal for him now and that he must strike this round whatever that means. Only God knows at this point.


At around 1:35 am pacific time, February 13, 2018, Brandi and Ross were seen officially agreeing again that they should try getting out Shannon this round. So, Shannon is definitely number one on their eviction hitlist. At around 1:40 am, Brandi had a conversation with Marissa and let her know that Ross was suggesting nominating Metta and Omarosa as pawns for the backdoor Shannon plan.

At around 1:45 pm, Ariadna Brandi, Marissa, and Ross were all seen discussing the nominations. Eventually, they all agreed that they didn’t want to try a backdoor plan. Instead, they just want to straight up nominate James and Shannon with Shannon being their main target. Of course if Shannon wins the veto, they’ll go ahead and vote out James.

At around 1:50 am, Ross, Ariadna, Brandi and Marissa started celebrating their plans to make it to the final four together. They don’t think anything could break them up at this point.

At around 2:00 am, Brandi tried to warn Ariadna that Omarosa will try to cozy up to her now that she’s HOH. At around 2:10 am, Brandi was seen telling Ariadna that Ross wants to sit next to a mean player in the final 2 for some reason.


But anyways, the plan is on to get rid of either Shannon or James this round. It’ll certainly be interesting to see Shannon’s reaction to knowing she’s the target. She’s such an intense player. She could possibly flip out or tear up. We’ll have to wait and see. We know she’s going to play hard for that freakin Power of Veto.


The POV comp will probably get played sometime today or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow since nominations are today. We’ll have to play it by ear. If we have enough time before they actually air it, we’ll try to update you guys on who won the POV. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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