New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For February 15, 2018 Episode

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For February 15, 2018 Episode

Happy Wednesday and Valentine’s Day “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Today’s February 14, 2018 episode took a very interesting turn with the whole Hope and Liam situation. Hope decided to actually vouch for Steffy’s sincerity and get her back together with Liam. However, it looks like her efforts might actually work in reverse since Liam is still giving her that look. I don’t know. We’ll see.

The Steffy and Hope confrontation got pretty heavy there for a second until Hope told Steffy she would back off of Liam and give them a chance to work things out for their baby. I’m still questioning how long they’re going to allow Steffy to carry this baby. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers and writers had Steffy lose this baby at some point.

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They also gave us the romance scenes with Brooke and Ridge and Maya and Rick. Fortunately, they kept them to a pretty good minimum. In tomorrow’s new Thursday, February 15, 2018 episode, it sounds like we’re going to see some pretty interesting things take place. CBS revealed a couple of storyline teasers for it.

We’ll be seeing the continuation of this Liam and Hope conversation that today’s episode ended with. Thorne makes a big move with Katie after finding out she was involved with Wyatt and more.

We’ll go ahead and start today’s teaser session off with the Katie and Thorne storyline. It turns out that he will accidentally learn about the fling Katie had with Wyatt probably through that little cell phone switch of theirs. And he’s going to make a huge move that will supposedly secure his future with Katie!

CBS’ description tells us, “Having accidentally learned the identity of Katie’s mystery man, Thorne makes a move to secure a future with her.” An alternate description reads like this, “After learning Katie’s been seeing Wyatt, Thorne makes his move.”

What will this huge move by Thorne consist of? That’s the major question for this particular storyline. Geez, they’re making it sound like Thorne will propose to her already. We certainly hope that’s not the case at least for his sake because he would totally get turned down. We will definitely have to wait for this episode to air to see what Thorne has up his sleeve. CBS didn’t reveal any further details regarding this situation. We think it does sound semi-intriguing.

This second storyline teaser reveals that we’re going to see more of the Hope and Liam moment that ended today’s show. CBS’ description tells us, “Hope makes a selfless request of Liam regarding Steffy.” An alternate description reads lie this, “Liam receives a selfless request from Hope with regard to Steffy.”

That’s actually what we saw in today’s episode which always means that we’ll just see a continuation of that same scene. Heck, I don’t know about you guys, but I thought Hope and Liam were about to kiss when he opened up the little candy box. It’s still possible that they might. One thing that is for sure, Liam is looking at Hope like he could definitely hop into a relationship with her and just totally forget about Steffy.

That type of storyline would definitely create some heavy drama between Hope and Steffy moving forward. We’ll have to see how this actually plays out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where the writers are headed with this storyline.

We were able to collect some additional info for the February 15, 2018 episode via the preview clip for it. It turns out that we’re going to see more of Maya wanting to be nosy all of a sudden in regards to Katie and Thorne’s budding relationship. She’s seen saying to Katie, “Come on Katie! We’re family! You don’t have to hide it from me!”

Since Maya happened to see Katie and Thorne kiss at the wedding, I guess she thinks that gives her license to call them out on it. Whatever the case, that’s what we’ll see from her in this scene. She already did it with Thorne. So, I guess the only that was left was for her to do it with Katie as well. This basically sounds like it’ll be another filler scene.

The second preview scene features more of Ridge talking about how he’s upset for poor ole cheating Steffy. He’s seen saying, “I just got married to the love of my life, and my daughter’s sitting here heart broken.”

They don’t show who Ridge is talking to in this scene. So,it’ll be semi-interesting to see who he’s talking to. It’s probably Steffy if we had to guess. Aside from that, it’s just the same thing we’ve been seeing from him. God only knows how long they’ll continue to drag out these sad Steffy storylines.

This third and last preview scene give us a glimpse at what Hope and Liam’s scene will look like. Hope is spotted still going to bat for Steffy to safe her marriage! Hope says to Liam,””All she wants is you. Your baby. The family you’ve always dreamed of having.”

Will Hope’s efforts sway Liam to ever go back to Steffy? I guess that’s the big question for this storyline. We’re pretty intrigued to see what may take place here. We know Liam is really enjoying Hope’s company, but she’s really pushing to convince him to go back to Steffy.

We’ll just have to wait and see where the writers decide to take this storyline. You guys can view the new preview clip for tomorrow’s upcoming February 15, 2018 episode over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all the storyline teasers we were able to track down for tomorrow’s new February 15, 2018 episode. However as always, expect to see a lot of additional scenes that weren’t mentioned here.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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