New Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Is Bringing Back Someone Very Close To Meredith Grey

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Is Bringing Back Someone Very Close To Meredith Grey

Hey “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. Wow, the new season 15 reports just keep on flowing these days. We’ve got another brand new piece of intel to share with you guys for the upcoming season. It turns out that the producers are bringing back someone who is pretty close to Meredith. In fact, this person is family to Meredith.

According to recent report from the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, They are bringing back Meredith’s father Thatcher Grey. He will be played by the same actor Jeff Perry. This couldn’t come at a better time for Jeff because he just recently become unemployed from the now defunct “Scandal” show. He played character Cyrus Beene in Scandal.

It’s currently not yet known how many season 15 episodes Thatcher will appear in, or what his storyline will entail. However, the folks over at TV Line have a theory that Thatcher could be in a very emotional storyline that ABC’s chief Channing Dungey described at the recent TCA. He stated, “Season 15 will find Meredith getting wrapped up in an investigation into a medical condition that is very close to her own family background and history.” So, we’ll see if that pans out to be true.

The last time that Meredith’s father Thatcher Grey was seen on Grey’s Anatomy was way, way back in season 7. The storyline for Thatcher was that he fathered Meredith with character Ellis Grey. However, Thatcher was not a part of Meredith’s life for most of her childhood. Thatcher went on to marry Susan Grey and had two more daughters named Lexie Grey and Molly Grey.

According to Thatcher Grey’s Wikia page, Meredith’s mother Ellis left him when Meredith was just five years old. Shortly after that, Thatcher married Susan and had the two other daughters Lexie and Molly. For 20 years, Thatcher never tried to contact Meredith. Thatcher ended up going to Seattle Grace Hospital when Molly got preggers. It was at that time that Susan encouraged Thatcher to form some sort of bond with Meredith.

Meredith and Thatcher would eventually bond when Susan got sick. However, when Susan died, Thatcher and Meredith had a falling out because Thatcher blamed Meredith for her death since Susan died under her care at the hospital. Susan’s death sent Thatcher over the edge and into drinking heavily. He eventually got some rehab for that ,and he offered up an apology to Meredith who wished him good luck and congratulated him on his rehab accomplishment.

Thatcher also developed liver disease from his drinking, and he was told he needed a liver transplant to survive. Meredith turned out to be his only match. Meredith eventually agreed to donate some of her liver to him, and the operation was successful.

So, Meredith and Thatcher have already had quite an emotional and intense journey together on the show. I think it’ll be interesting to see what the producers come up with for these two in new season 15.

Along with Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, Jeff Perry’s acting resume includes roles in Lost tv show, Law & Order: Trial By Jury, Numb3rs tv show, Invasion tv show, Close to Home tv show, Cold Case tv show, Crossing Jordan tv show, The Valley of Light tv movie, Prison Break tv show, Raines tv show, Side Order Of Life tv show, American Dad! tv show, Saving Grace tv show, Eleventh Hour tv show, Fringe tv show, CSI: NY tv show , CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tv show, Outsourced tv show, The Chicago Code tv show and many.many more.

In related Grey’s Anatomy news, Entertainment Weekly also commented more about Meredith’s upcoming, new romantic arc. Apparently, they got to speak with Meredith’s portrayer Ellen Pompeo about it recently, and she told them, “Even though Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is a very tough act to follow, people who lose their spouses do want to date again.

Meredith is gonna date, date, date, date, date, just like my friends who are ready to jump back into the dating world do. What does dating look like today? I think we’re almost phasing out the dating apps now. I’m hearing like people are not liking the dating apps anymore. I don’t know. I’m just really happy I’m not single in real life. I try to listen to everybody’s stories. All my friends and even people that I don’t like that much. So, we can tell a story that resonates true with people who have been through something like this.”

How do you guys feel about seeing Meredith’s father Thatcher Grey return in season 15? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

The new season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy is still currently scheduled to start up on Thursday night, September 27, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. So, be sure to mark that important date down on your TV calendars. The premiere episode will last another two hours again this year!

Alright guys. That’s it for this report. Be sure to stay tuned for more. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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