New Big Brother Season 20 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed For August 26, 2018

New Big Brother Season 20 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed For August 26, 2018

Happy Sunday Big Brother Fans. It’s that time again to reveal to you guys what went down in yesterday’s Power Of Veto competition! But first, let’s get you guys up to speed on what took place earlier this week. Angela won the HOH comp this past Thursday night, August 23, 2018. Then she and her L6 alliance compadres got together and all collectively agreed that Haleigh and Faysal must be nominated for eviction together this week.

Meanwhile, stupid Faysal was still on cloud nine, thinking he did a great thing by getting his own alliance member Scottie evicted from the house with a unanimous vote of 6-0. Ugh, that still makes me cringe it’s so bad. Faysal thought he could make deals with Angela and Tyler who have been actively working against him.

The party quickly ended for Faysal when Angela’s eviction nomination ceremony came around the next day on Friday, August 24, 2018 because he and his main girl Haleigh came away from it as Angela’s two eviction nominees for this week. From there, Faysal and Haleigh just planned for the veto competition. They also talked about all the stupid moves that led them to this point. Faysal had the nerve to laugh about it because he doesn’t really care about the game. He just wants to date Haleigh. Faysal did finally acknowledge that she should’ve never gotten rid of Scottie at one point.

Anyways, the Power Of Veto competition finally rolled around yesterday, August 25, 2018. Haleigh selected Sam to play in the veto when she got houseguest’s choice. Kaycee and JC were randomly drawn to play. Angela and her two eviction nominees Haleigh and Faysal automatically played. Tyler hosted the competition. Brett was just a spectator since he was not selected to play.

There was some drama that took place before the comp. Haleigh chatted up Angela before they played. She wanted to clear the air with Angela. Haleigh told her she had no hard feelings about getting nominated by her, and they hugged each other. Then they talked about why Haleigh picked Sam to play in the veto. Haleigh said it was because she thought Sam would be easy to beat. Angela told Haleigh, “You’re not my target this week. If you’re sitting next to Faysal on Thursday night, he leaves.” Haleigh was shocked saying, “I really thought I was your target.”

Then Haleigh got mad at herself for picking Sam to play because that also makes it easier for Faysal to win veto. Haleigh told Angela, “I wish you would have told me I wasn’t your target before we picked veto players.” Angela told her, “It’ll be alright. We just got to make sure Sam or Faysal don’t win it.” They thought Sam might try to save Faysal if she won the veto. I don’t think that would’ve happened because Tyler would’ve gotten in Sam’s ear. She pretty much does whatever Tyler tells her to do, and Tyler would’ve told her not to use the veto.

Anyways, none of that really matters because after the Power Of Veto competition finally wrapped up, Kaycee emerged the winner of the veto! That’s right guys. Kaycee finally won her first legit competition aside from the Hacker comp. It was revealed that she actually beat Faysal by just one freaking point. So, it was very, very close. The comp lasted a really long time. Around 10 hours or so because it was one of those individually timed comps where they all play separately. The results weren’t known until about 10:40 pm Pacific time.

Faysal expressed how very angry he was that he didn’t win the veto. He kept saying things like ,”I should’ve won that veto. I just wanna leave the house now!” He also kept going over the comp saying, if I had just gotten one more of this or that, I would’ve won. He asked Haleigh, “What do we do now?” Haleigh replied with, “We just hang out. One of us is leaving this week.”I was like, “Duh. She has to explain every little thing to Faysal. It’s just pathetic.”

Haleigh did a pretty good job acting like she wasn’t happy to know she’s staying over Faysal when she was around Faysal. She ,of course, was seen celebrating with the L6 crew for a little bit because they are at least giving her one more week in the house. Plus, Haleigh’s just social like that.

Later in the night and early morning hours of today, Haleigh and Faysal were seen having another one of their game reflection conversations, and Faysal was dumb enough to let it slip to Haleigh that he did indeed get Scottie evicted because he bought into the idea that Scottie was getting too close to Haleigh, and that he would come and try to take Faysal out.

That really pissed Haleigh off. She was starting to get really angry about that, and we thought an intense verbal fight was about to break out over it. But, Haleigh decided to just calm down. She told Faysal, “You owe Scottie an apology.” Faysal said, “If he didn’t flip the votes. It’s either Scottie or Rockstar. So, we will talk about it when I get there. If I walk in there and they said “we didn’t do it.” Haleigh said, “Then it’s JC.”

So, we did get a bit of a confession from Faysal that he was jealous of Scottie’s close relationship with Haleigh. I thought Haliegh should’ve gotten more pissed at Faysal because his selfish jealousy could’ve very well costs her $500,000. I’m betting Faysal pisses Haleigh off some more before this Thursday night.

I mean almost everything he says is just oozing with stupidity. Plus, the more time Haleigh has to think about the implications of Faysal’s actions on her game, I think it will cause some resentment to flare up. We’ll see.

Also, before the veto was played, Haleigh and Angela did speculate that Faysal was setting Haleigh up to leave this week because Faysal was the one who told Haleigh to pick Sam to play in the veto. Angela suggested Faysal was probably just looking out for himself by getting her to do that.

It seemed like Haleigh was thinking that too. Haleigh really regretted picking Sam, and she thought she should’ve picked Brett instead. But again, none of that matters now because Kaycee is the veto winner, and she will certainly keep Angela’s nominations the same by not using the veto. That will ensure that Faysal will go home by a unanimous 5-0 vote most likely.

The Jury Battle Back competition is scheduled to take place this Thursday night, August 30, 2018. We’re hoping that Scottie will win it and come back into the house. We also want Scottie to tell Faysal, “I’ll take care of Haleigh for you” on the way back in. That would be so terrific.

Another important thing to make note of is that Angela and Tyler reassured Haleigh after the veto that she has nothing to worry about if Faysal tries to campaign against her. They are totally voting Faysal out because he is too much of a competition threat. Haleigh definitely didn’t have a problem with that because she mentioned that she was willing to chop off all her hair to stay in this game. We like that about her unlike Faysal who just doesn’t car about anything but a hookup with Haleigh. I hope he leaves and never ever comes back.

How do you guys feel about Kaycee winning the Power Of Veto competition yesterday? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments. As always, you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Next up is the Power Of Veto ceremony. It’s scheduled to take place tomorrow, August 27, 2018. Again, we fully expect for Kaycee not to use the veto, leaving Angela’s eviction nominees Haleigh and Faysal the same. Then they’ll vote out Faysal this Thursday night.

Another new Big Brother season 20 episode is scheduled to air tonight, August 26, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It will feature the Head Of Household competition and Angela’s eviction nomination ceremony footage. So, be sure to tune in for it. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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