Another Big Brother Former Houseguest Just Gave Birth To A New Baby

Another Big Brother Former Houseguest Just Gave Birth To A New Baby

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some more Big Brother news for you guys. This time, it’s another baby story. It seems that a lot of the former Big Brother houseguests are quite fertile these days. A new Big Brother baby just arrived this past Monday night, October 8,2018 at approximately 11:28 pm in South Carolina!

I’m sure most of you can recall last season’s Big Brother 19 edition. There was a certain fitness star that made it to final three by attaching herself to Paul Abrahamian and basically his bidding all season long. That’s right. The former houseguest we’re talking about is none other than Christmas Abbot.

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According to the folks over at Entertainment Tonight , she pushed out a new baby boy this past Monday! They say it weighed 8 pounds and 15 ounces at the time of birth. Also, the baby measured 22.5 inches long. So, he’s just under two feet tall right now. Christmas decided to name her new son Loyal Atticus Abbot.

Christmas and Loyal are reportedly very healthy and are doing well. Christmas first announced she was pregnant way, way back in March 2018. Entertainment Tonight also got the exclusive on why Christmas chose the name she did for her new child. She thinks the name Loyal will help guide him through life and encourage him to have strong integrity.

She stated, “My family has a history of strong and unique names so I wanted to follow suit. I chose his first name Loyal because I believe it will guide him to have strong integrity through his life. It’s a reminder that family comes first, which is why it is his first name.”

Christmas also explained the Atticus name. She revealed it is from a Greek educator and philosopher. She explained, “I chose his second name Atticus from the Greek educator and philosopher to embrace balance and fairness through understanding. Neither is a family name, but I hope he will embrace his name as his own and follow the greatness he can bring to this world through love, understanding and fair action.”

Christmas also revealed that she actually decided on the Atticus middle name at the very last second. She actually had a different name selected, but she decided she had to suddenly change it. She told them, “I had a short list of names and actually had a different second name picked that I felt very confident in it up until the moment he was born.

To a point of certainty. However, when I sat with him after the chaos and reflected on our journey together to this point and who he could become in his life, it was switched. The name, which was not my first choice until this moment, stayed stuck on my tongue as I watched him in this new world. My heart sang and I knew he was special and needed a strong, unique name to remind him of his what he can contribute to this world.”

The folks over at Entertainment Tonight also got an exclusive photo of Christmas holding her new baby in her hospital bed. You guys can view it on Entertainment Tonight’s site by Clicking Here.

In related news, the folks over got to speak with the father of Christmas’ child Benjamin Bunn. He is a 36 year old fitness star just like Christmas. Apparently, they must have had a pretty big falling out because he told Us Magazine that he hadn’t spoken to Christmas for the last few months of her pregnancy. He actually wasn’t able to get in contact with her until a few days before her due date. He said they broke up in December 2017, and he hadn’t spoken with her since late August 2018.

Despite all that, Benjamin is also very happy to have a new son. He told Us Magazine, “Loyal is a big, healthy boy! He definitely looks like his mother.” He went on to explain, “Although I knew the due date, I’ve been out of contact with Christmas since late August and wasn’t sure what her birthing plan was. I was finally able to reach her a few days before the due date. I found out she was being induced through Instagram, and shortly thereafter received an email.”

Despite not having much contact with Christmas in the past few months of her pregnancy, Benjamin explained that he was always there for Christmas almost every day for the first six to seven months of her pregnancy. He stated, “Unfortunately, I had very little contact with Christmas in the last few months of her pregnancy. However, prior to that, we spent almost every day with each other for six to seven months straight. I went to every doctor’s appointment, accompanied her for travel, moved furniture and did all the things that two caring adults do with and for each other.”

Benjamin revealed to Us Magazine that he did discuss the baby’s name with Christmas early on during her pregnancy, but he had no input on the unique name she ended up selecting. He also said that he found out what the name was through Us Weekly. He had actually suggested that his last name be included in the baby’s last name as a hyphenated union, but Christmas obviously did not do that. Benjamin stated, “I found out his name though Us Weekly online, actually. I suggested a hyphenated last name.”

In conclusion, Benjamin went onto tell Us Magazine,”Co-parenting is a tough situation. It takes compromise, patience and the ability to set your ego aside so you can make decisions that are truly best for the child. It’s no easy task, but Christmas and I are both accustomed to hard work.”

Us Magazine was able to get an exclusive photo of Benjamin holding his new baby boy in the hospital. You guys can view that photo on Us Magazine’s website by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s it for this latest Big Brother baby report. How do you feel about season 19’s Christmas Abbott having a new baby? Let us know in the Facebook comments and stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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