Big Brother 20 Tyler & Angela Revealed Extra Details About Their Romance And More In New Interview

Big Brother 20 Tyler & Angela Revealed Extra Details About Their Romance And More In New Interview

Happy Friday fellow “Big Brother” fans. We’ve got some new details from one of the favorite couples of Big Brother season 20 Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans! They recently did a new interview with the folks over at During it, they revealed more interesting details about their romantic relationship. They also gave us insight into what they thought about Bayleigh’s pregnancy and so much more.

As we previously reported, Tyler and Angela wasted no time moving in together. Just days after the season 20 finale, Tyler posted on social media that he was moving into Angela’s place. Angela did a social media post where she said her place is now “our place.” So, they definitely seem like the real deal these days.

During the interview segment where Tyler and Angela talked about their relationship, Angela revealed that she actually had a crush for Tyler very early on in the season, and that certain stressful events gave them the opportunity to get closer.


Angela explained, “I think things started happening very early on. I always had a thing for Tyler ,and I think we were both just looking for an excuse to get closer to each other. So, everything that happened that gave us an opportunity to get closer to each other, we definitely jumped on it.

The whole Bayleigh thing was probably the first one that gave us a reason to comfort each other and stick by each other’s side. That’s what we really wanted to do the whole entire time, but we weren’t allowed to because of game reasons.”

Tyler and Angela revealed that they’ve actually made plans to spend time hanging out with other Big Brother couples. In particular, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from season 19! Tyler told them, “Yeah, Cody reached out to us. We haven’t gotten a chance to meet up with them or talk to them, but we’re looking forward to it.” Angela said, “I can’t wait to double date with them!”

Tyler and Angela revealed that they’re really looking forward to taking a vacation as well. They still have sleepless nights. When asked what they’re most excited to do, Tyler said, “Going on a vacation!” Angela chimed in with, “We still haven’t unplugged from the last three months. It’s still sleepless nights and dealing with stuff out in the real world. Just to finally destress and unplug for like a week would be amazing.”


These two love birds also seemed down for doing another reality show if they were asked to. When asked if they would do a show like “The Amazing Race,” Tyler said, “I don’t know. You guys will have to stay tuned! We don’t have anything official yet, but we’re definitely open for anything right now. I would only do Amazing Race with Angela.” Angela said, “Absolutely, that would be amazing!”

Also, they said they wouldn’t do Big Brother again unless they could do it together. When asked about it, Angela said, “I couldn’t do it unless Tyler was in the house with me.” Tyler said, “Same.” Angela said, “And I won’t let him go without me. It’s a package deal is what we’re trying to say.”

There was a segment where Tyler and Angela commented about the Bayleigh pregnancy situation. During it, they revealed that they had absolutely no idea she was preggers while in the house. Tyler commented on the huge argument he had with Bayleigh in the house, and he totally wishes it wouldn’t have happened. He was also very sad to hear she miscarried the baby.


He stated when asked about the big Bayleigh fight, “I wish it wouldn’t have gone down the way it did, and I’ve been saying that ever since it happened. I’m sure she was just going through a whirlwind. I can’t even imagine. We have so much love for Bayleigh and Swaggy, and to hear about the miscarriage later was heartbreaking. I have nothing personally to say about Bayleigh that’s negative, but to hear she was going through that just breaks my heart honestly. I just hope the best for both of them. I really love both of them so much.”

When asked if they ever had any idea Bayleigh was pregnant in the house, Angela said, “None. We had absolutely no idea. I would never have guessed that in a million years.”

Tyler revealed that they are very happy for Swaggy C and Bayleigh’s engagement. He stated, “When Swaggy proposed I was like, ‘Man, how do I top that?’ We’re so happy for them though, so awesome.”

Angela and Tyler talked about what they think about the strong fan reaction to them as a couple. Angela said, “It’s been crazy, people really love Tangela. It’s the cutest thing ever. People are like, ‘They have my heart.’ It’s so adorable. We were so surprised. I had no idea how people were gonna respond to it. I didn’t even think it was a thing, and then all of a sudden we come out of the house and social media is blowing up with Tangela this, Tangela that.” Tyler said, “It’s been so cool. I love it.”

Tyler revealed he thought it was really cool to find out that America actually likes him and Angela. He was really worried about America hating them. Then when he won America’s favorite player, he was very happy. He stated, “I really thought people didn’t like me. And I know Angela was getting a lot of hate from people in the house too. So, I was worried that maybe they didn’t like her. But, it turns out it was not like that, and it was really cool.”


They revealed that they’ve watched the first six episodes of their season. Angela definitely thinks she was portrayed as a villain, and Tyler was portrayed pretty accurately. Angela revealed that she was definitely trying to disappear off people’s radar in the first part of the season. Tyler thought she did the right thing.

Angela revealed that she thought it was funny that fans called her and Kaycee furniture during the first half of the season because that’s exactly what they were going for especially since Angela’s name kept coming up as a target in the early stages of the season.


Angela stated when asked about being called furniture, “I think it’s funny! I think it’s actually really fun because that was totally me and Kaycee’s strategy at the time. I was a huge target. Every episode I’ve seen so far, anytime people suggest people to go up, Angela’s name is always in it. So, I had to just go off the grid and try and get that target off my back early on.”

Tyler and Angela revealed they made a plan to just win every competition back to back after the jury time hit. Angela said, “It was time to play!” Tyler said, “We talked about it, we wanted to go back to back to back on every competition and we did. We won so many competitions, Kaycee, her and I.”

Tyler revealed that he did actually throw that final four veto competition because it would have just been impossible to pick between Angela and Kaycee. Angela said, “I’m glad he threw it because that would’ve been horrible.” Tyler said, “I knew I wasn’t gonna win, and I know I couldn’t possibly pick. It would ruin everything no matter what I did, game or personal. So, there was no way I could’ve won that.”

Angela firmly revealed that she would’ve chosen Tyler if she had won it. She said,”100 percent I was picking Tyler, for sure.” Tyler talked about fellow houseguest Scottie for a little bit. He revealed that he totally understands Scottie’s decision not to vote for him in the end because they actually had more of a personal relationship as opposed to a game relationship.

Tyler explained, “Scottie and I, in my head, we never had a game relationship that was very strong, but it was always a personal thing with me. I always loved Scottie, I just knew that everything I told him he would go tell people. But, I’ve always loved Scottie. I love everybody in the house!”

In closing, Angela revealed that she thinks their cast was very mature and are now able to just look past all the drama that happened in the house. She stated, “I think it’s cause we had a very mature cast, and were able to separate the game from what’s real. So now that everything is over, we’re able to just look past it. We all went through this amazing experience together, and we’re bonded for life no matter what.”

Alright guys. That’s it for Tyler and Angela’s latest, informative interview. How do you guys feel about what they had to say? Let us know in the Facebook comments and stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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