‘Bold And The Beautiful’ October 22, 2018 Episode Recap And Review

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ October 22, 2018 Episode Recap And Review

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’re back at you guys with a new segment. We’re gonna try and recap and review everyday’s episode from here on out to go along with our daily storyline teasers.

With that said, let’s get right into this. Today’s Monday, October 22, 2018 episode kicked of with the continuation of Bill, Thorne and Ridge’s huge argument scene over at Bill’s place. They all went back and forth insulting each other. Ridge tried to tell Bill to stay away from Brooke again. Bill’s smug response to that was, “You can’t tell me who I’m allowed to see and talk to.” Ridge’s response to that was, “Yes, I can and your’re going to stay away from my wife or else you’re going to lose Will.”

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And folks, that’s when this little tiff got real. Bill immediately told Ridge, “If you ever try to take Will from me, I’ll destroy you” or something along those lines. Thorne stepped in at one point and tried to tell Bill, “If you stay away from Brooke and try to act like a decent human being, your access to Will won’t be taken away.”

Bill’s great response to that was,”My access to my son is none of your business.” So, that definitely didn’t make things any better. Shortly after that, Ridge really said something that just totally set Bill off. He told him, “If you died today, no one would show up at your funeral especially not Will.” I was like, “Whoa, that’s real harsh, Ridge.”

Bill apparently thought so too because that’s when Bill straight up smacked Ridge with a crazy right hook! From there, the fight was on. At one point, Thorne tried to pull Bill off of Ridge and break up the fight, but Bill just head-butted Thorne and threw him over the couch! Then Ridge went back after Bill. More punches were thrown until Ridge just picked Bill up like he was tackling someone in a football game and shoved him straight over that really, really high balcony.

Afterwards, Ridge walked back inside, and the look on his face was crazy. He looked like he had absolutely no remorse for shoving Bill over the balcony, possibly to his death. Thorne ran out to see ole Bill lying flat on his back and out for the count. It was crazy!

Elsewhere, Brooke and Katie chit chatted about Bill’s latest offense. That’s right. Brooke told Katie all about Bill trying to kiss her and how Ridge found out. The whole nine yards. Brooke assured Katie she has absolutely no feelings for Bill at all, and that she’s been ordered by Ridge to just stay away from him. Towards the end of their scene, Brooke told Katie she’s really worried about Ridge’s anger towards Bill right now. Obviously, she was right to worry given the devastating event that took place between Ridge and Bill.

We got another segment with Liam and Hope at Doctor Phillip’s office. They were finally told by Doctor Phillip’s that their new baby will indeed be a girl! They were so happy about it and all of that cheesy stuff. So, baby Kelly is getting a new half sister. No brothers yet.

All in all, we thought this episode was very entertaining. They didn’t give too much time to Liam and Hope’s baby reveal scene. They got it done and over with pretty quickly like we hoped. That left more time for Ridge, Bill and Thorne to complete their main scene with a huge bang. We thought the Brooke and Katie scene was ok, and was warranted the time given to it. Again, most of this episode was directed towards Bill and Ridge’s fiasco which is where we think it needed to be.

I think that fight scene was one of the most intense fights. It’s right up there with the time crazy Sheila Carter and Quinn had that crazy fight in Eric’s house, and Eric thought Quinn had killed Sheila. That was wild. Yeah, that Ridge and Bill fight was right up there with that one.

I’ll admit I haven’t watched the “Bold And The Beautiful” for the lifetime of its run. There may have been more brutal fights that I haven’t seen. From what I’ve seen though, that Ridge and Bill fight was one of the most intense ones I’ve seen. Bill was trying to take them both out. I was like, “Calm down.” Well, Bill is calm now. Almost “dead” calm if you know what I mean.

Like I said in my previous article, the producers are going to have one hell of a task convincing me that Bill shouldn’t be dead right now. Did you guys see the height of Bill’s fall? It seemed really like a really far fall in the episode, and he landed right on his back too. He should just really not be alive right now after that. But, through the magic of television, he will somehow just be in a comma, fighting to live.

I’ll be curious to know what Bill’s injuries are if he does manage to live. If the producers have Bill back on his feet, walking like nothing ever happened again, I’m just gonna be really shocked. Like, “Come on, what?”

Also, they at least have to keep Bill in the hospital bed for no less than a month this time. Heck, the last time when Bill got shot in the back, he was up and about like nothing happened in less than three weeks. I was like, “This fool should at least be crippled for a month. What the hell?”

Anyways guys. That was my little rant and recap for today’s crazy October 22, 2018 episode. How did you guys feel about the episode? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Or did you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments and stay tuned.

The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our “Bold And The Beautiful” Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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