New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoiler Teasers Revealed For November 27, 2018 Episode

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoiler Teasers Revealed For November 27, 2018 Episode

Happy Monday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys had another great weekend. Today’s November 26, 2018 episode featured some very interesting and emotional scenes. We saw crazy Taylor show back up on the scene to visit Steffy and her little baby Kelly. Taylor managed to turn that visit into a conversation about how she thinks Brooke and Hope shafted Steffy and her marriage to Liam.

She also mentioned that Bill helped destroy her relationship with Liam. All this complaining made Steffy inquire if Taylor is still doing therapy. She also reminded Taylor that Bill is the one keeping her out of jail right now. So, she needs to be careful about what she says about Bill. That, of course, led to Taylor tearing up about how she thinks she’ll always have to look over her shoulder, wondering if Bill will ever change his mind and send her to the slammer. Steffy tried to console Taylor by telling her, “Our secret will stay between us.”


Elsewhere, Detective Sanchez made a new visit to see Bill. He’s apparently still investigating who shot Bill in the back, and he was hoping to to get some help from Bill. Bill sticking to his promise, made sure not to tell Detective Sanchez anything about Taylor shooting him. Instead, he shrugged it off saying, “I must have hallucinated seeing the person who shot me, and I can’t help you.” That drew a lot of suspicion from Detective Sanchez, but he eventually gave up and left since he can’t prove anything.

We also saw Brooke in a new scene with Liam and Hope. Things got real interesting when they started talking about who could’ve possibly shot Bill in the back. Liam also knowing that it was Taylor who shot Bill, told Brooke, “I don’t think the shooter will try again” after she suggested Bill get a bodyguard. They also talked about whether Bill is really changing. Brooke seems to think he really is. However, Liam said he’s not so sure. We definitely think Liam is correct with his suspicions.

Tomorrow’s new Tuesday,November 27, 2018 episode sounds like it will feature some very intense and dramatic scenes as Taylor totally goes off on Hope! Steffy and Liam get into an argument over Taylor and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off today’s teaser session with the Liam and Steffy debacle. It turns out that these two are going to start arguing about whether or not Taylor should be around baby Kelly. CBS’ official description tells us, “Liam and Steffy disagree about Taylor’s stability and her role in baby Kelly’s life.” An alternate description reads like this,”Steffy and Liam have a disagreement about Taylor and her role in Kelly’s life.”


We definitely think it’ll be interesting to see how this scene plays out. Will they raise their voices, or will it be a more of a calm argument? Those are a couple of questions we have for this particular scene. We can definitely tell you this won’t be the only argument that we’ll see from Liam and Steffy this week. Things are going to get pretty wild before this week is over. There is no doubt about that.

The second storyline scoop reveals that Taylor is going to get all up in Hope’s face to confront her and cause unneeded stress! Taylor will accuse Hope of stealing both Steffy’s office and her man! CBS’ description tells us, “Unhappy with her daughter’s situation, Taylor calls out Hope for stealing Steffy’s office and her husband.” An alternate description reads like this, “Taylor confronts Hope about taking Steffy’s office and husband away from her.”

This definitely sounds like the type of scene that will be filled with all kinds of intense drama, and we can’t wait to see it. We know for a fact that Liam is going to walk in on it at some point, and he definitely will not be happy to see crazy Taylor yelling at his pregnant wife and causing her stress.

As we mentioned in some previous articles. This is going to be the week of Taylor madness. She’s going to be in every freaking episode, leaving a trail of drama and dismay. Taylor is definitely going to wish she had just kept her big mouth shut too, especially around Hope.


Alright guys. That’s all the storyline scoops we were able to track down for tomorrow’s new November 27, 2018 episode. But as always, be sure to expect to see a ton of other scenes get shown that were not mentioned in this teaser session.


The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our “Bold And The Beautiful” Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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