New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoiler Teasers Revealed For December 24, 2018 Episode

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoiler Teasers Revealed For December 24, 2018 Episode

Happy Friday and weekend,”Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Today’s December 21, 2018 episode featured some more crazy drama and romance. Hope and Steffy continued to verbally battle each other over Taylor’s presence in their lives. Steffy made it perfectly clear that Hope can’t just ban her mother from spending the Christmas holiday with her family.

Later on, Liam joined their conversation, and he totally agreed with Steffy. He told Hope, “Don’t you think that’s a little too much?” But Hope wouldn’t back down from her very aggressive stance against Taylor. Hope kept saying, “Taylor can get highly emotional and very unstable.” Steffy revealed a pretty interesting shocker to Hope and Liam. She told them that’s she’s just going to go ahead and adopt a sister for baby Kelly since Hope won’t cooperate. So, they’re all still at a major standstill right now.

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Reese was spotted still laying it on extra thick with Taylor. He promised her he will always be there for her like they’ve known each other for years. The problem is that they haven’t known each other for years. In fact, they’ve barely known each other a full month! Anyways, we’re about to see Reese attract some major trouble to Los Angeles as early as next week. Maybe that will put his mind in the right perspective. Taylor still seemed quite smitten by Reese’s charms. We sense that will come to an end at some point because Reese is definitely not who he appears to be.

Maya was spotted back in action with Brooke, Julius and Vivienne. Maya broke the news to Julius and Vivienne that she is divorcing Rick. Julius seemed a little too upset for a situation that’s not really any of his business. He yelled at Maya about it at one point. Maya quickly put him in his place though. She told him this is very upsetting to me too and very personal! Me and Rick just grew apart. That scene capped off with Vivienne giving a very upset Maya a hug.

Monday’s new December 24, 2018 episode sounds like it will feature some very interesting and pretty intense moments as Reese tries to avoid a mystery stranger! Liam and Hope make a very important request and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this teaser session with the Reese situation. It turns out that we’re going to see the first signs of Reese’s shadiness pop up on the scene as he tries really hard to avoid a mystery stranger who has made it into town. CBS’ official description tells us, “Reese works to avoid a mysterious stranger that comes to town as Andrew Johnson joins B&B.” An alternate description reads like this, “Reese must keep his cool while trying to avoid a mysterious stranger at Il Giardino.”

Who is this mysterious stranger that will have Reese running for cover? That’s the burning question for this particular scenario. We definitely think this could be a pretty interesting development in the overbearing Reese storyline. We can tell you guys that some people from Reese’s past are scheduled arrive and give Zoe some major trouble! That’s going to happen before next week is over. So, get ready to see all that extra drama take place. Reese is about to get found out for whoever he really is. I definitely don’t really think he’s Taylor’s knight in shining armor like he’s pretending to be.

The second storyline scoop reveals that Liam and Hope will be quite busy trying to talk to Maya about something that sounds like it could be extremely important! They’re going to end up asking Maya for a huge favor. CBS’ description tells us, “Liam and Hope have a significant request for Maya.” An alternate description reads like this, “Liam and Hope make a significant request of Maya.”

What could this very important request from Liam and Hope entail? That is certainly the huge question for this particular plotline. We’re just going to have to wait until Monday to find all that out because CBS made sure to keep that part really vague.

We can tell you that we know Liam and Hope are about to have a very life-changing moment in the not-too-distant future. We’re officially hearing that a series of unfortunate events are about to get thrown in Hope’s direction. We plan to post a separate article devoted to that very subject later on. So, be on the lookout for it.

Alright guys. That’s all the storyline scoops we were able to track down for Monday’s new December 24, 2018 episode. But as always, be sure to expect to see a lot of other scenes get shown that were not mentioned in this teaser session.

The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our “Bold And The Beautiful” Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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