Two Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Houseguests Just Dropped Out At The Last Minute! Producers Are Scrambling

Two Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Houseguests Just Dropped Out At The Last Minute! Producers Are Scrambling

Happy Wednesday, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some heavy drama news for you guys today. Apparently, a source that’s somehow very close to the set of Big Brother just recently announced on Twitter that two of the current Celebrity Big Brother season 2 celebrities have decided to drop out due to some discrepancies over pay!

The source we’re talking about is realvegas4sure. For those of you who don’t know, realvegas4sure has been a very reliable, behind-the-scenes source for Big Brother. This past Sunday, January 6, 2019, Realvegas4sure hit up their Twitter account to reveal that not every celebrity on Celebrity Big Brother season 2 is getting paid the same. He or she’s tweet reads like this, “Unlike last year, not everyone will be receiving the same pay to be a celebrity HG. Last year one made more, a sickening amount more, but this year the paychecks vary widely. This is what happens when you don’t demand equal pay or have a good negotiating team. Shame.”


It appears that tweet may have set off some drama with two of the current Celebrity Big Brother season 2 houseguests! Yesterday, January 8, 2019, Realvegas4sure hit up Twitter again to reveal that two of the Celebrity Big Brother season 2 houseguests have indeed decided to drop out due to salary issues! The Big Brother producers scrambled to offer the two celebs more money,but they wouldn’t bite. Their reps claimed the pay was too low!

Realvegas4sure’s tweet reads like this, “Two people just pulled out over inequal pay discovery. All deal weren’t signed even though they were claimed done by Christmas. Some signed way earlier than Xmas. Producers offered more bucks for the two, but was still too low for their reps. Out to backups now.” The link to this tweet is here, but you have to follow realvegas4sure and get approved to see it because they have set their account to private.

According to ,the Big Brother producers are now scrambling to try to find someone to replace the two celebrities that dropped out! Since the celebrities are actually due to enter the house on January 14, 2019, that doesn’t leave the producers with a whole lot of time at all. The TV show premiere date is still set for January 21, 2019, but the houseguests always enter the house a week for the TV show premiere date. went on to say that the two celebrities that quit were actually about to move into the house when they suddenly decided to leave. They’re reporting there are rumors circulating that Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) was one of the celebrities that decided to quit. Obviously, this is very uncomfirmed since none of the houseguests have officially been confirmed by CBS or the Big Brother producers.


As previously reported, a list of possible celebrities that are participating in Celebrity Big Brother season 2 poppped up on the internet. The names that were mentioned are: Aubrey O’Day: Danity Kane musician, Bobby Moynihan: Saturday Night Live comedian, Caitlyn Jenner: former Olympian and reality star, Calvin Johnson: NFL player, Carson Kressley: Queer Eye reality show Fashion expert, Dina Lohan: manager of Lindsay Lohan and reality star, Jonathan Bennett: actor, Sean Spicer: former White House director of communications, Stephen Baldwin: actor, Tiffany Pollard: reality star and Tonya Harding: former Olympian.

After that, a second list popped up. Season 8 Big Brother winner Evel Dick posted it on his official Twitter account. The names on it featured: actress Melissa Joan Hart, Musician and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, Gold medal Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, Reality tv star Nadya Suleman, Actress Shannon Purser, Actor Jonathan Bennet, Politician and former Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw, Actress Stephanie Courtney,TV personality Theresa Caputo, Actor Dylan Sprouse,former pro Baseball player Barry Bonds. Reality star Dina Lohan. Sports reporter Kimberly Jones. Comedian and actor David Spade.

Again, none of these people were ever actually confirmed by CBS or the Big Brother producers. These names just appeared on some lists that were leaked. You guys can view the screenshot of Evel Dick’s leaked list on his official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

So, it sounds like the Big Brother producers are in for a couple of crazy days this week, searching for a replacement before January 14, 2019. We’ll see what ends up happening. We’ll keep covering this story as it continues to play out. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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