Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Eviction Nominees Revealed For January 27, 2019

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Eviction Nominees Revealed For January 27, 2019

Happy Sunday, fellow Big Brother fans. As we previously reported, the remaining Celebrity Big Brother season 2 houseguests competed in a new head of household competition this past Friday night after sending poor Jonathan Bennett home. Kato Kaelin ended up winning the long endurance Head Of Household challenge, making him the new HOH for the current round 2.

That also meant that he had to nominate some folks to go up for eviction yesterday, January 26, 2019, and that’s exactly what he did. Prior to Kato nomination ceremony, we mentioned that he was feeling some type of bad way about Dina Lohan. He didn’t feel like she was exactly rooting for him during the HOH competition.

When he tried to make a deal with Joey, Dina blurted, “Stay up there, Joey!.” That got Kato thinking that maybe Dina doesn’t have his best interest in heart. In fact, it was enough to get Kato to already know who his first nominee would be.

Later on, Kato of course decided on second nominee to put up next to Dina. But rest assured that Dina is or was Kato’s main target. Fast-forward to Kato’s nomination ceremony, and we find out that Kato did indeed nominate Dina for eviction this round. His second nominee turned out to be that crazy drama queen Tamar Braxton. Oh, yes, yes, yes finally.

Again, Dina is Kato’s main target, but I could definitely see Tamar doing some crazy enough stuff to get the focus to shift to her. There is a Power Of Veto competition that could save one of these two if they somehow win, or somehow convince the winner of it to use it on them.

How do you guys feel about Dina Lohan and Tamar Braxton getting nominated for eviction in round 2? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Some very interesting things happened throughout the day on the Big Brother live feeds yesterday. At around 9:37 am Pacific time, January 26, 2019, Tamar started arguing up a storm with Lolo. This arguing continued for a while until the feeds cut out.

Much later on in the day at around 8:37 pm, Tamar and Lolo got into it again. Tamar told Lolo, “I’m not going to talk game with you anymore to preserve the peace. I’m upset with Kato mentioning my son in his nomination speech. I’ll never speak to Kato again and the same goes to Ricky for not talking to me all day.” You see what I mean? Tamar is bonkers!

Anyways, Tamar did indeed talk to Kato again. It happened at around 9:32 pm. Kato told Tamar, “I mentioned your son in my speech because I thought you were crying over missing him. So, I included that comment.” Apparently, Kato did enough talking Tamar down that she announced to the whole house that she and Kato are friends again for now.

At one point, Tamar told Dina, “You’re safe. I’m the real target. I don’t think any of my allies will save me.” So, Tamar is currently feeling quite defeated.

At around 11:50 pm, Kato told Tom that he thinks Dina, Joey and Ryan are working together.Tom said he’s more concerned about Joey at the moment. Kato said he already promised safety to Joey. So, they can’t go after him.

The girls Lolo and Eva Marie tried to pitch to Tom and Kato that Ryan is a threat and should be targeted. Tom said, “I think we could manipulate Ryan to our advantage, but Ricky is trouble for us.

Ryan was seen telling Tamar, “Lolo, Natalie, Tom, and Kato are all outside together, and I believe they’re in an alliance.” Tamar said, “Ricky is with them too.”

Around 12:20 am today, January 27, 2019, Ryan told Dina, “Tom, Kato, Lolo, and Natalie are an alliance together.” Dina agreed with Ryan. Then Ryan told Dina, “Me, you, Joey, Kandi, and Ricky need to make an alliance.”

At around 12:25 am,Ryan presented this alliance idea to Joey, and he bought it saying, “We need to team up to offset the other group.”

At around 1:15 am, Tom and Kato talked about possibly backdooring Ryan if the veto gets used. So, it sounds like there is quite a bit that could still happen. There’s lots of possible changes in plans in the works. We shall see what the rest of today brings us. This cast is just all over the place. Things change every millisecond with them.

We expect the Power Of Veto competition to get played at out at some point today, January 27, 2019. So, we’ll definitely let you guys know the results of that. As always, you guys can view the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Celebrity Big Brother Report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

Another new episode of Celebrity Big Brother season 2 is scheduled to air tonight, January 27, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. We expect this one to air the HOH competition from this past Friday night along with some other footage. Stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here. Get your favorite TV Show and Movie stuff by Clicking Here.

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