Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Is About To Bring On A Fourth Derek Shepherd Sister

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Is About To Bring On A Fourth Derek Shepherd Sister

Happy Thursday, Grey’s Anatomy fans. We have some pretty interesting news for you guys in this report. According to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, we’re about to see Grey’s Anatomy introduce yet another Derek Shepherd sister into the mix! That’s right, guys. This new sister will be named Kathleen Shepherd.

Kathleen is currently scheduled to be introduced in a season 15 episode that revolves around character Amelia Shepherd. Entertainment Weekly pointed out that the other Derek Shepherd sisters who have appeared in the past are: Liz Shepherd played by actress Neve Campbell and Nancy Shepherd played by actress Embeth Davitz.

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Kathleen’s existence was first mentioned way, way back in season 3. Now, we’re finally going to get to meet her! The only other information that Entertainment Weekly had to share about this new Kathleen Shepherd sister is that she also has a doctorate. She’s a psychiatrist.

We also know who has been casts to play the new Kathleen Shepherd character. It will be actress Amy Acker (above left). Amy is a very talented actress. I personally remember her from her work on the old supernatural show “Angel” from back in the day. It used to run on the then WB network, which is now The CW after they merged with the UPN network.

Anyways, Amy has since gone on to star in many more productions. According to her official IMDB page,Amy has had roles in Wishbone tv show, To Serve and Protect tv mini series, Special Unit 2 tv show, Catch Me If You Can movie, Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt tv movie, Johnny Bravo tv show, Supernatural tv show, Justice League Unlimited tv show, The Unit tv show, How I Met Your Mother tv show, Alias tv show, The Novice, Drive tv show.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent tv show, Ghost Whisperer tv show, Voices tv movie, October Road tv show, Fire & Ice tv movie, Private Practice tv show, Dollhouse tv show, Human Target tv show, The Good Wife tv show, Happy Town tv show, No Ordinary Family tv show, Sironia, Dear Santa tv movie, The Cabin in the Woods, Grimm tv show, Once Upon A Time tv show, Much Ado About Nothing, Warehouse 13 tv show, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated tv show.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tv show, Husbands tv show, The Lord Of Catan short, Agents Of SHIELD tv show, A Novel Romance tv movie, Person Of Interest tv show, A Nutcracker Christmas tv movie, MacGyver tv show, Con Man tv show, Suits tv show, The Gifted tv show and The Energy Specialist.

So yeah, Amy’s acting resume is quite long. You guys can view more photos of Amy Acker on her official IMDB page by Clicking Here.

Hopefully, some other details will emerge about what Kathleen Shepherd will be up to when she arrives on Grey’s Anatomy. Until then, it will remain a mystery. How do you guys feel about Grey’s Anatomy bringing on a fourth Derek Shepherd sister? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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