‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Florence Will Confront Hope About Her Stolen Baby This Week

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Florence Will Confront Hope About Her Stolen Baby This Week

Happy Saturday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Well,it looks like we’ve got the news of the century for you guys today. After looking over the new spoiler teasers and the new preview clip that CBS released for the upcoming March 4 to 8, 2019 episodes, we can now tell you that it is quite possible that Florence will be the one to blab to Hope that Reese stole her freaking baby!

This is totally crazy, guys because Florence has a lot to lose by doing this. I mean she is surely sending herself to prison is she does this. The reason why we say Flo “possibly” tells Hope her baby was stolen is because we actually don’t know for sure. The clip cuts out before Flo actually tells Hope anything. However, the producers make it appear that Flo is about to tell Hope.

We know how these preview clips can be cut up to make it seem like something it’s not. This one is almost similar to what they did with Zoe and Steffy’s scene. They made it look like Zoe was about to blab to Steffy that Phoebe was stolen. Then we came to find out that Zoe actually choked and backed out. We think that could be a real possibility with this scene too, especially since Flo would essentially be sending herself to prison for confessing about helping Reese steal Hope’s baby.

With that said, let’s get into what events are going to lead up to Flo’s possible monumental moment of truth. We already saw Flo start to show definite signs of major distraught over the stolen baby in her conversation with Zoe in yesterday’s March 1, 2019 episode. Florence’s distraught state of mind is only going to get worse this entire week, beginning with this upcoming Monday’s March 4, 2019 episode.

Flo is going to get really shaken up after she overhears Katie and Hope talking. We’re assuming that Katie and Hope will be talking about Hope’s stolen baby at some point. Whatever it is, it will certainly get Flo all worked up.

Eventually, Zoe is actually going to introduce Florence to Hope, which is a super huge mistake if Zoe doesn’t want Flo to rat out her father. Anyways, once this happens, it’s going to set up a series of events that involve Flo eventually meeting Liam, Wyatt, Sally and pretty much the whole rest of the gang that cares for Hope. Not only that, Hope is actually going to form a close bond with Florence! CBS’ official description tells us, “Hope feels a bond with Florence after discussing what it feels like to lose a child.”

Another real interesting thing that happens this week is that it’s revealed that Flo actually had a romantic past with Wyatt back in their high school days! At some point, they’re going to reminisce about their old times. CBS’ description tells us, “Florence and Wyatt were in love in the past as high school sweethearts, but he and his mother had to leave town in the middle of the night without a chance for them to even say goodbye. Flo and Wyatt cross paths and revisit their past.”

Apparently, all these unexpected turn of events will cause Flo to start feeling even more guilty about Reese’s stolen baby scam. CBS’ description tells us, “Flo is tempted to come clean with Hope due to her guilty feelings.” An alternate description reads like this, “Feeling enormously guilty, Flo desperately wants to tell Hope the truth about her baby.”

That brings us to the new preview clip that CBS released. It reveals that Fo does more than feel extremely guilty and wants to confess. The clip starts off with Flo telling Zoe of Hope, “She’s heart broken about her baby! Your father deserves to get locked up. He used me!” Zoe replies with, “I need to protect him. Pack your bags. Leave L.A. immediately! If you tell anyone, we will end up in serious trouble.”

Right after that, the clip cuts to a scene that features Zoe talking with Hope and the rest of the family in tow. Hope is seen saying to Flo, “Are you trying to tell us something?” Flo says, “It’s about Phoebe. Please don’t hate me!” After that, the clip just cuts out.

The important thing that I noticed from watching the clip and reading over the spoilers is that there’s never really a confession made about Hope’s baby being stolen. CBS’ spoilers keep saying Flo is tempted to tell the secret and that’s as far as they go. In the clip, Flo just says it’s about Phoebe. I can think of so many ways this scene can go other than a confession.

The only ting that we do know is that Flo is going to ,at the very least, come really close to making a confession to Hope about her stolen baby. Judging from this preview clip, there is definitely room for Flo to back out. She could make something up about Phoebe and just avoid actually admitting the baby was stolen. I mean anything can happen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers just cut up this clip to make it look like Flo is going to tell Hope her baby was stolen. Only time will tell if that’s actually the case. We’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll know before this week is over unless that’s like the final scene on Friday or something. In that case, we would have to wait until the following week to find out. I also wouldn’t be surprised if that happened as well.

With that said, this week’s batch of new episodes will certainly deliver some very interesting and dramatic turn of events to say the least. You guys can view the new “Bold And The Beautiful” preview clip I just discussed over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

How do you guys feel about Flo and Hope’s upcoming, crazy scene? Are you excited for it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Bold And The Beautiful report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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    Hope is a nut case, write a story that’s believable!

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    I think Flo should tell Hope that Phoebe is her baby

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    it is time for hope to find out the baby is hers this has been going on to long the baby will be a year old if this keeps dragging on

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