New NCIS Season 16 Episode 17 Delayed. Not Airing On March 19, 2019

New NCIS Season 16 Episode 17 Delayed. Not Airing On March 19, 2019

Hey, NCIS fans. It’s another one of those times again where we have to tell you that your favorite show will be missing in action. This time, CBS is delaying the airing of the next, new episode 17. Instead of it airing on Tuesday night March 19, 2019, it will air on Tuesday night,March 26, 2019. So, be sure to mark down that very important date down on your TV show calendars.

What will CBS be airing instead of the new, 17th episode of NCIS season 16 this Tuesday night? According to the TV Guide listings, they will still be airing NCIS. However, it will just be a rerun. The rerun will be the episode that’s titled, “Beneath The Surface.” It originally aired way back on October 30, 2018.

The official description for that repeat episode reads like this, “After NCIS arrives at a Halloween crime scene, Torres recognizes the victim as a former friend from federal law enforcement training. Also, Jimmy thinks his lab is haunted by ghosts when objects keep mysteriously moving.”

If any of you guys missed that episode, this Tuesday night will be your chance to fill in that gap. For those of you who already saw that particular episode and wish not to see it again, you will definitely want to make sure you find something else to do or watch that night. Not only will NCIS be a rerun, but that whole NCIS primetime schedule will air reruns for all the shows that run that night.

Now that we’ve gotten that horrible news out of the way, it’s time for some good news. CBS has released their official press release for episode 17. So, we can give you guys some intel about what to expect in it. This part of the article will contain light spoiler teasers. If you don’t want to see any spoiler teasers, it’s highly advised that you exit this article right now.

For those of you who don’t mind spoiler teasers, by all means please continue reading this article. Alright, now that we’ve gotten our little spoiler warning out of the way, let’s get into this.

First of all, episode 17 is entitled, “Silent Service.” Episode 17 definitely sounds like it could feature some pretty intense and highly dramatic moments as Bishop and Gibbs could find themselves in some major trouble!

It turns out that Gibbs and Bishop will end up on a submarine that’s freaking nuclear, and it’s gone radio silent! CBS’ official description tells us, “Director Vance is notified by the Pentagon that the nuclear submarine Gibbs and Bishop are aboard to conduct a murder investigation has gone radio silent.”

That is the main and only description CBS gave for this episode. So, they definitely kept things nice and short.

CBS also released a couple of preview photos for episode 17. Gibbs and Bishop are seen in a couple of the photos, appearing to have a great time with two other guys. However, they look quite serious in another scene.

Vance, Ducky and agent Sloane are spotted in a few of the pics. So, expect them to have a scene together. Agents Torres and McGee are spotted in one of the photos. It looks like they’re involved in a very intense scene. You guys can view all of the preview photos for episode 17 over on Spoiler TV’s site by Clicking Here.

Episode 17 will feature a couple of guest stars. They are: Matthew Bellows as character (Navy Captain Reginald Barkley), Arlene Santana as character (Navy Chief of the Boat Constance Shaw), Tommy Walker as character (Navy Petty Officer First Class Justin Hardy), James Ferris as character (Navy Lieutenant Commander Gregory Pullman), Michelle Boyd as character (Navy Chief Petty Officer Emily Ross), Ransford Doherty as character (Navy Seal Petty Officer Second Class Zachary Harper), Megan Gallagher as character (Under Secretary of the Navy Jennifer Leo), Tracy Howe as character (Navy Culinary Specialist Brian Kalr), Ethan Flower as character (Fire Chief Alfonso Romero), Josh Trant as character (Navy Chief of Watch) and Mark Fite as character (Walter Miller).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 17 are: Mark Harmon as character (NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs), Sean Murray as character (NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee), Emily Wickersham as character (NCIS Special Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop), Wilmer Valderrama as character (NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres), Maria Bello as character (NCIS Special Agent Jaqueline “Jack” Sloane), Brian Dietzen as character (Dr. Jimmy Palmer), Diona Reasonover as character (Forensic Scientist Kasie Hines), Rocky Carroll as character (NCIS Director Leon Vance) and David McCallum as character (Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard).

Episode 17 was written by Scott J. Jarrett and Matthew R. Jarrett, and Leon Vance star Rocky Carroll directed it.

Again, episode 17 is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, March 26, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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  1. Anthony Digibbsducki says:

    So what’s the freaking excuse this time? Again and again they cancel the Tuesday night prime time (and Sundays and Fridays). Are they trying to destroy these franchises? Why is it CBS are incapable of showing a TV series from end to end without constantly interrupting its flow?

    Do they not understand it is the perfect recipe to lose viewers and with them advertisers especially now you can download a series in one from the likes of Netflix?

    Whats for sure is that if they keep this up they will eventually destroy their business. You can’t keep playing fast and loose with scheduling. People will just get sick of the uncertainty and go elsewhere.

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