New ‘This Is Us’ Season 3, April 2, 2019 Finale Episode 18 Spoilers Revealed By NBC

New ‘This Is Us’ Season 3, April 2, 2019 Finale Episode 18 Spoilers Revealed By NBC

Hey, “This Is Us” Fans. We hope you guys enjoyed episode 17 tonight. Now that it’s officially over and in the books, it’s that time again to take a look at what’s coming up in the next ,new episode 18. For those of you who are wondering or just maybe don’t know, episode 18 is indeed the season finale episode for this current season 3.

That’s right, guys. That means episode 18 is indeed the last episode for season 3. After it airs, you’ll have to wait another four or five months to see a brand new one. While that is a bummer, you can take peace in knowing that there will be a new one to look forward to.

There’s a lot of shows out there that we can’t say the same for. While a “This Is Us” season 4 hasn’t been officially announced by NBC, we are hearing that the show’s creator has already written the premiere episode for season 4. Now, that is some freaking confidence and it’s not without merit. “This Is Us” season 3 ratings look damn good.

But would you look at me. I have just been rambling on and on without giving you guys the skinny for the next, new episode 18. So, let’s just go ahead and get into it. NBC recently released their official synopsis for episode 3, and we are highly thankful for that because if they didn’t, we pretty much wouldn’t have anything to tell you guys right now.

To get things started, NBC revealed that the finale episode 18 for season 3 is simply titled, “Her.” That’s right, guys. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that, does it? Anyways, it sounds like episode 18 will feature some pretty caring and interesting moments as Beth and Randall try to figure things out. Zoe and Kevin keep watch over Tess and Annie. Toby and Kate get help from Rebecca.

We’ll go ahead and start off this teaser session with the Rebecca, Kate and Toby situation. It turns out that Rebecca will be kind enough to assist both Toby and Kate in taking care of young baby Jack. NBC’s official description tells us, “Rebecca helps Kate and Toby care for baby Jack.”

The second spoiler scoop reveals that Zoe and Kevin will be quite busy trying to look after Annie and Tess. NBC’s description tells us, “Zoe and Kevin look after Tess and Annie.”

The third spoiler teaser reveals that Beth and Randall will have a pretty intense-sounding scene as they try to figure out a way to continue on! NBC’s description tells us, “Randall and Beth consider how to move forward.”

NBC also officially confirmed that the season 3 finale episode 18 will indeed air next Tuesday night, April 2, 2019 at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Also, it’s quite possible that NBC will release a new preview clip for episode 18 on Youtube a couple of hours after episode 17 airs tonight. So, if you want to check that out, be sure to look it up on Youtube later on tonight. It might be out there.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “This Is Us” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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