Big Brother Season 19 Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson Recently Had A New Baby Girl

Big Brother Season 19 Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson Recently Had A New Baby Girl

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some more Big Brother alumni news for you guys in this article. You remember Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from the 19th season of Big Brother, right? They graced our TV screens during the summer of 2017 with their intense showmance that absolutely flourished outside of the house.

We recently reported that they got hitched way back in October 2018. Jessica was also preggers at the time. Well, now her new baby has finally arrived, and it’s a new baby girl according to the folks over at US Weekly who got the exclusive! They reported this back on March 20, 2019. So, we’re a little in getting this news out to you guys. But hey,better late than never,right?


Anyways, Us Weekly is reporting that Jessica gave birth to her new baby girl on Sunday, March 17, 2019. Jessica and Cody made the announcement on Jessica’s podcast which is titled, “Now What?” They also revealed that Jessica had to actually undergo an emergency C-section to deliver the child.

They said the reason was that Jessica was experiencing really high blood pressure. They named the baby girl Maverick which is kind of odd, but ok. Cody stated, “After all the prep and everything, 15 minutes later on St. Patrick’s Day, our little bundle of joy arrived.”

Baby Maverick weighed 6 pounds and 7 ounces. She measured 18 1/2 inches long. Jessica said, “I’ve been pretty quiet on Instagram lately. I’ve been avoiding posting stories and photos as much as I normally do because we’ve been taking this time to really enjoy all the great blessings we have in our life. Considering our engagement was leaked before we could tell anyone, it’s been so great to be able to share our new addition with our loved ones before making this announcement!”

Jessica and Cody made a separate Instagram page for their new baby Maverick, and they posted a picture of Maverick on it with the following caption: “Hi World!” You guys can view that post on Maverick Nickson’s official Instagram page by Clicking Here.


Jessica also posted a new photo of her, Cody and Maverick at the hospital on her Instagram page. She captioned it with the words: “Miss @mavericknickson came almost a whole month early! Click the link in my bio to hear her daddy podcast from the hospital bed.” You guys can view that post on Jessica’s official Instagram account by Clicking Here.

US Weekly pointed out that Jessica also recently talked about how she handles all the haters and trolls that try to post crap in the comments section of her Instagram. She stated, “I’ve had a lot of people ask me to post photos of my bump, and honestly, I’ve chosen not to because people online can be TROLLS!

I’m very confident, and rude comments don’t bother me anymore. I’ve developed thick skin for it, and I’ve also developed one hell of a ‘Blocked’ list so I don’t see most of it. The few rude comments I do see, Cody and I enjoy laughing at because the effort put in to hurt someone you have never mets feelings. It’s pretty pathetic!”


How do you guys feel about Cody and Jessica having a new baby girl together? Are you happy for them or what? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Big Brother report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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