Legacies Season 2 Spoilers: Producer Revealed If Hope Is Really Dead And More

Legacies Season 2 Spoilers: Producer Revealed If Hope Is Really Dead And More

Hey, Legacies fans. We’ve got some big news for you guys in this article. Recently, the wonderful executive producer for Legacies ,good ole Julie Plec, chatted with the folks over at TV Line.com, and she answered the question that most of us want to know after seeing Hope jump into that freaking mud pit. Is Hope really, freaking dead?

During Julie Plec’s answer to that very important question, she didn’t 100 percent answer it, but she did cryptically drop a few hints. She mentioned that since no one can remember that Hope even existed, that she might be in a place called the blackness, which is supposed to be a very terrible place! Oh no!


Julie explained of Hope, “In her mind, jumping into the pit would destroy Malivore. And it appears that Malivore, at least in its physical mud-pit form, is gone. So where the hell is she, and why can’t anyone remember her? The fact that no one can remember her probably means she’s in that blackness, which the monsters described as being this terrible place.”

TVLine also asked Julie if Hope did in fact die, will she come back as vampire? Again, Julie didn’t exactly answer that question straight up. Instead, she gave some cryptic clues or hints. She hinted that Hope would presumably return as a vampire. However, she could become a tribrid with the power of a witch, werewolf and a vampire!

Julie stated, “If Hope dies, she presumably comes back as a vampire. But if the monsters didn’t die in the pit, did she? And if she comes back as a vampire, does that make her no longer a witch? Or is she now truly a tribrid with powers of all three creatures? Lots of questions, and lots of seasons.”

They also talked about poor Rafael who is apparently stuck in his werewolf form. Hope was the only one that could change him back into his human form. So, Julie did confirm that Rafael will still be stuck as a wolf when season 2 starts up. Julie also revealed that this will effect his relationships with everyone. I was thinking, ‘Well, no doubt! Hell, he can’t speak.”


Anyways, Julie explained that Rafael is basically screwed. “Hope had said in a previous episode that he can use the ring to turn into a werewolf, but she’s the only one who can turn him back. He doesn’t realize that the one person who can fix him is no longer in existence. Rafael will start Season 2 still as a wolf, which will do a huge number on him, psychologically speaking. It’s going to affect his relationship with everybody.”

Julie Plec also revealed that the magic sisters ,Josie and Lizzie, found the same ascendant that was used to lock Kai into the prison world back in the good ole “Vampire Diaries” days. Julie went on to say that Josie and Lizzie need to figure out how the ascendant works and what it means for them.

Lastly, Julie mentioned that she’s playing around with the idea of bringing Kai (played by actor Chris Wood) back for a return appearance in Legacies! She stated of possibly bringing Kai back, “It’s funny, and I’m really being cruel to myself and to Chris, but I’m basically Secret-ing this into happening. I’ve put it so much into the universe, it’s going to end up an inevitability. He just doesn’t know it yet.”


Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for these initial season 2 spoiler scoops, but definitely stay tuned because there is much, much more to come. Julie Plec is quite generous in revealing spoiler teasers. So, we expect her to give up a lot more intel in the coming weeks and months.

How do you guys feel about Hope possibly being in this terrible blackness place or possibly coming back as a vampire or a tribrid? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

It sounds like what ever the case is, we will see our precious Danielle Rose Russell return to reprise some form of Hope in season 2. Stay tuned.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I am hoping Daddy Klaus rescues Hope and sends her back. Just a short Malivore guest spot for Klaus.. Plus, we cannot have Landon permanently forget about her.

  2. Shalini says:

    Happy to hear dt #Hope will be back by wt abt #PENELOPE. Plz bring her back too & want to see her appearance in every moment in ds Legacies 2 series. Plz Plz Plz convey my msg from ur channel to the Legacies producer.
    & gv my Lots Of Love to my favt. character #Penelope_Hope_Josie

  3. Star says:

    I wish daddy Klaus and Mommy Hayley would return to rescue their beloved daughter Hope…. it’s what they always do’Save their Daughter and fight for her’.

  4. Bring hope backand for lkaus to help her get back. I’d also like to see herbe back as a full with& tribrid also for her and landon to continue their love & romance.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bring hope back as a tribrid but with all the powers of a vampire werewolf and witch

  6. Solana says:

    Legacies we no longer be the same if hope don’t come back hope makes everything cool. If she dies this show will be like every other vampire,worlwof,which show on TV hope is the one on the main character and if she died at the end the show dies with her.

  7. Solana says:

    So please just bring hope back and let everyone remember her please ??

  8. it wood be not good win she gets back from were ever she is and she is not the person that they remember but if klaus is a live i wood not be good for klaus because he will bring her back to life and that might kill him for good because i wunt her to see him like one last time are more than one time i just hope that she is not fully dead

  9. Bruce william Parsell says:

    bring hope back as a tribred with the power of all three

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