New ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For April 19, 2019 Episode Revealed

New ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For April 19, 2019 Episode Revealed

Happy Thursday, “Days Of Our Lives” fans. We hope you guys enjoyed today’s April 18, 2019 episode. Now that it has officially hit the airwaves and is over, it’s time to take a look at what’s about to take place in tomorrow’s big, week-ending, April 19, 2019 episode. NBC Released a couple of very informative teaser descriptions for the April 19, 2019 episode. So, as usual, that’s what we’ll be using for this spoiler session.

It sounds like tomorrow’s new, week-ending, Friday, April 19, 2019 episode will feature some very dramatic, action-filled and romantic scenes as Rafe gets immediately rushed to the hospital! Hope and Ben go on a rescue mission! Gabi and Stefan get steamy. Eli eavesdrops on Ted and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the terrible Rafe situation. After he’s all shot up,he will of course be rushed to the hospital! NBC’s official description tells us, “Rafe is rushed to the hospital after getting shot.”

Will Rafe survive this terrible shooting? That’s the burning question for this very intense plotline. We couldn’t find any future teasers that mention his condition. So, who knows at this point? We assume he will, but you just never know.

The second spoiler teaser reveals that poor Ciara will still be in much, much danger while in the clutches of the wicked cartel! However, things might take a very positive turn for her when Hope and Ben cook up a rescue mission to save her!

NBC’ description tells us, “Hope and Ben team up to rescue Ciara.” An alternate description reads like this, “Ciara is in need of a hero again, and this time, she gets two when unlikely allies Hope and Ben team up to save her.”

Will Ben and Hope successfully pull off their rescue mission? That’s the major question for this particular event. We definitely think they will based on some future teasers we’ve read. For starters, Ciara appears to be safe and sound in next week’s descriptions. So, I think we can safely assume that the rescue plot will end up working out. What will be interesting to see is how it all plays out. We definitely think this is a big scene to look out for in tomorrow’s installment.

The third spoiler scoop reveals that Gabi is going to be very busy with her lips in this episode. Apparently, she’s going to plant a kiss on Stefan at some point. NBC’s description tells us, “Gabi kisses Stefan.” An alternate description reads like this, “Hoping to make good on her pact with Brady, Gabi dials up the seduction when confronting Stefan, and another kiss is shared.”

If you’re into the romantic, steamy scenes, this moment will be a big moment for you. For those of you who aren’t fans of the romance stuff or Gabi and Stefan in general, you’ll probably want to tune out of this scene.

Lastly, the 4th spoiler scoop reveals that Eli will be very busy trying to listen in on a mystery phone call that Ted is making. NBC’s description tells us, “Eli overhears Ted on a mysterious phone call.” An alternate description reads like this, “Ted seems to have a specialty for causing concern, and Eli is certainly curious after hearing the lawyer on a cryptic call.”

What will Eli find out from his eavesdropping activities? Will he find out anything at all? Those are a couple of big questions for this particular plotline. It certainly sounds like this storyline could offer up some pretty interesting scenes.

Alright guys. That’s all the spoiler scoops we were able to track down for tomorrow’s new April 19, 2019 episode. However, as always, expect to see a ton of other scenes get shown that were not mentioned in this spoiler session, especially since this is the week-ending episode.

“Days Of Our Lives” airs every Monday through Friday at 12 pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned.

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