New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For May 6, 2019 Episode Revealed

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For May 6, 2019 Episode Revealed

Happy Friday and weekend, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Congratulations, you’ve made it through another grinding week. Today’s week-ending, May 3, 2019 episode did give us a bit of a shocker to close out the week. That shocking scene was between Hope and Thomas. The set up began when Hope made her way to spend more time with young Douglas. And wouldn’t you know. Thomas was there with his freaking shirt off just waiting for her!

Hope then told Thomas about how happy she is that Flo accepted her job offer. Thomas said he was happy for her, and that he can’t wait to meet Flo. From there, their conversation turned to the Douglas’ heart drawing. Thomas told Hope that’s how Douglas feels about her. Then he went into this whole spill about how special he thinks she is. He also showed Hope a picture of Liam with Steffy and the girls over in Paris.

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That’s when he started selling his ultimate pitch to Hope. He told her, “You made the right decision to push Liam back to Steffy and the girls. Let Liam go. Me and Douglas will be here for you.” Crazy stuff like that.

This obviously caused Hope to ask Thomas, “What are you trying to say?” After that, Thomas said a few more things, but I think the message was heard loud and clear by Hope when Thomas grabbed her and kissed her! That’s right, guys. That was the big move we’ve been waiting to see Thomas pull. We were wondering just what it was going to be. Now, we know.

Hope, of course, pulled away and had this very uncomfortable look on her face. No words were said since it was the final scene of the day, but we’re pretty sure Hope has a problem with it.

Earlier in this episode, Hope’s big scene with Flo continued as she kept begging Flo to come work at Forrester Creations with her. Flo eventually told Hope, “I’m ready to put the past behind me and embrace this new opportunity” or something like that. The bottom line is she accepted Hope’s job offer.

That made Hope, Brooke and Ridge quite ecstatic. So, it looks like Flo is all in for keeping Hope’s stolen baby a secret. That doesn’t surprise me since she has her mother Shauna and Zoe telling her what an awful idea it is to tell Hope the truth. We think if Hope ever finds out her baby is stolen, it’ll totally be by accident. Maybe, she’ll overhear something. Maybe there will be a blood test. Whatever, but it’s totally going to be be by accident. That’s our speculation.

Also, there was another scene where Shauna went and tried on one of Ridge’s dresses that she liked. It wasn’t revealed if Shauna actually got permission to try it on or what, but that’s what happened.

Monday’s new May 6, 2019 episode sounds like it will feature some really dramatic and very interesting scenes as Hope and Thomas’ crazy kissing scene continues. Wyatt and Sally have their big falling out and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Wyatt and Sally situation. It turns out that the time has finally come for the producers to break up Wyatt and Sally for good this time. We told you guys months ago that they would eventually get around to it, and that time has officially arrived. It wouldn’t be “The Bold And The Beautiful” if it didn’t. Sorry, Wyatt and Sally fans.

Apparently, Wyatt and Sally are going to get into this great, big ole argument after Sally reveals what Thomas has been up to with trying to break up Liam and Hope. Wyatt will be mad that Sally did not say anything sooner and just let Thomas do this terrible thing!

CBS’ official description tells us, “Wyatt confronts an emotional Sally about the secrets she’s been keeping.” Two other alternate descriptions read like this, “Wyatt confronts Sally about keeping a secret.” “Sally tells Wyatt what she’s been hiding, and he’s livid that she would side with Thomas when Liam’s involved.”

We’ve also officially learned that this argument will be so severe that it causes Sally to move out of Wyatt’s beach house, essentially marking the end of their pretty long run together! As far as we know, Sally doesn’t know about Wyatt kissing Flo yet.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter at this point. Their break up has happened. We can tell you that Sally will be very angry at Thomas. She will blame him for destroying her relationship with Wyatt. So, we think those scenes will provide some very good drama to look forward to.

However, it will not stop there. We haven’t even gotten into this second spoiler scoop yet. It turns out that we will see this crazy Hope and Thomas scene continue from where today’s episode left off. Hope has just been unexpectedly kissed by Thomas. She’s in shock and very uncomfortable! CBS’ description tells us, “Thomas stuns Hope with an unexpected kiss and an admission of love.” An alternate description reads like this, “Hope is stunned by a kiss and declaration of love from Thomas.”

What will Hope do or say to Thomas in this moment? That’s the huge question for this particular situation. Unfortunately, we couldn’t track down any info about what she does exactly. However, we’re guessing Hope probably won’t have nice things to say.

If it’s any consolation, we do know that Wyatt is going to immediately call Liam up in Paris and reveal to him the big scandal that Thomas has been trying to pull off on Hope. And as you can imagine, that will cause Liam to quickly make his way back to Los Angeles to confront the hell out Thomas!

Needless to say, those scenes should definitely feature some very hefty drama. There’s no doubt about that. We may do a separate article on this, depending on what this week’s preview clip looks like. So, be on the lookout for that.

Alright guys. That’s all the spoiler scoops we were able to round up for Monday’s May 6, 2019 episode. But as always, expect to see a lot of other scenes take place that were not mentioned in this spoiler session.

The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS.

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2 Responses

  1. Mae mae says:

    This is a terrible storyline, I despise hope for being sneaky and got Liam from Steffy and Kelly an already made family just like her whore mother brook did to Taylor, doc should go to jail and get hope her baby back please please let Steffy find a new handsome rich man and Liam and hope don’t even deserve each other

  2. Myra Bell says:

    I think the story line is ridiculous. They have Hope acting so dingy that it makes me sick. I understand she lost her child but it shouldn’t make her so stupid that she accepts anything Thomas says. She belongs with Liam. They never had the chance they should’ve had. Steffy and Bill messed that up for them from the beginning and the writers never let them be happy. They are making them like star-cross lovers. Bring some more men on the show so there’s more choices. They are running back and forth to the same men and it’s a worn-out story line. Besides, Steffy’s baby should be Bill’s. That should be an exciting line!

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