New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For June 4, 2019 Episode Revealed

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For June 4, 2019 Episode Revealed

Happy Monday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys had another awesome weekend. Today’s June 3, 2019 episode features some more high drama, emotional and sad scenes. Xander and Zoe’s big confrontation continued as expected.

Xander kept arguing that Hope and Liam should definitely know their baby is still alive. Zoe kept arguing that Liam and Hope can ever know. She, of course, tried to get Xander to keep his mouth shut about everything.

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She also gave him more details about how her lunatic father Reese pulled off the baby scam. Apparently, Xander still wasn’t filled in on the part where Reese took the other girl’s stillborn child and gave it to Hope to make her believe Beth was dead. Needless to say, that further devastated Xander.

Basically, their scene for today, capped off with Xander telling Zoe, “This secret can eat away at you. You need to tell Hope her baby is alive right now!”

Elsewhere, we saw another pathetic and sad scene between Liam and Hope. Liam kept hoping and trying to get Hope to reconsider the nonsense that she’s pulling right now. Unfortunately, she has a one-track mind that’s set on “crazy” right now. She kept telling Liam something like, “We could’ve had a family, but since we lost Beth, that’s not possible anymore. Go be with Steffy.”

Hope gave Liam her wedding ring back. She also told him he needs to leave and can’t spend the night there. Liam tried to say he’s going to sleep at Wyatt’s place, but Hope quickly suggested he go stay at Steffy’s place.

Like I said in a previous article, I really hope we get to see Hope look back on this and really kick herself one day. That’s the only way I’ll get any satisfaction.

Steffy and Thomas were seen continuing their scene. Thomas kept trying to convince Steffy to get back together with Liam. Steffy said, “Neither you are Hope are going to decide me and Liam’s future.” However, Steffy did tell Thomas about Hope asking her if Liam could stay there.

That really caused Thomas to get even more excited. He told Steffy, “It’s just a matter of time. Liam belongs with you.” After that,Steffy did indeed start thinking about all of her past, wonderful times with Liam.

Tomorrow’s new Tuesday, June 4, 2019 episode sounds like it will feature some very interesting and possible dramatic scenes as Flo is overcome by her guilt! Ridge and Brooke talk about their kids’ marriage situation again and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Ridge and Brooke situation. It turns out that these two will once again bore us with their ongoing disagreement about Hope, Steffy, Liam and Thomas.

Ridge is going to bring up opposite points of view to the way Brooke is looking at the situation. In simple English, that means they’re just going to argue again. CBS’ official description tells us, “Ridge takes a gamble and plays devil’s advocate with Brooke about Hope, Liam and Steffy.” An alternate description reads like this, “Ridge plays devil’s advocate with Brooke regarding their children’s relationships.”

I think it’s very safe to say that you shouldn’t expect any surprises with this storyline. We’re pretty sure Brooke will still think Hope needs to stay with Liam, and Ridge will try to convince her otherwise. Then they’ll just probably end up arguing again. All I can say is that I hope the producers keep their scenes as short as possible.

The second spoiler scoop reveals that Flo might just have a complete breakdown in this episode. They’re saying that her guilt for not telling Hope about her stolen baby will be so extreme that she will just be overcome by it!

CBS’ description tells us, “Guilt overpowers Flo when she learns the news about Hope and Liam’s marriage.” An alternate description reads like this, “Flo is overcome with guilt when she hears news about Hope and Liam’s marriage.”

So, this doesn’t really sound like any thing we haven’t seen before from Flo. What does sound interesting is what’s going to happen later this week. Xander is apparently going to get into a big argument with both Flo and Zoe.

During this big fight, Xander is going to threaten both of them! That definitely sounds a little more intriguing than hearing about Flo feeling guilty again. Ugh, I’m so over Flo at this point.

Alright guys. That’s all the spoiler scoops we were able to track down for tomorrow’s new June 4, 2019 episode, but definitely look for other scenes to play out that were not mentioned in this spoiler session.

The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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