‘So You Think You Can Dance’ June 17, 2019 Auditions Revealed (Episode 3 Recap)

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ June 17, 2019 Auditions Revealed (Episode 3 Recap)

Hey, “So You Think You Can Dance” fans. Tonight, June 17, 2019, the 3rd episode of this current 16th season did indeed air. It featured more auditions from out in Los Angeles, California. The judges: Lauriann Gibson, Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe were, of course, back to give their critiques.

The first audition in this episode was done by a B-boy named Bailey “Bailrok” Munoz. He’s from Las Vegas, Nevada.


After his routine, Lauriann told Bailey, “Your footwork was fancy and clean with good transitions.” Dominic said, “You had amazing moments.” Mary said, “You let out so much energy.” Nigel said, “The minute you came out, you were likable.” Bailey got 4 yeses from the judges. So, he’s going to the Academy.

Next up, was a ballet dancer named Luke Romanzi. After his performance, Nigel told Luke, “You have great control, but I want you to control your hands more.” Lauriann said, “You’re brilliant, but I want to know what you’re fighting.”

Dominic said, “Julliard messed up.” (That was in reference to him being turned down by Julliard.) Mary said, “You gave a lesson in control, but I want to see joy and passion.” Luke got 4 yeses from all the judges.

It was also briefly revealed that returning dancers: Victoria Neukom, Dustin Payne, and Jay Jackson qualified to return to the Academy.


Next, brother and sister Jordynn Lurie and Elan Lurie returned after being eliminated last season at the Academy. They are Salsa dancers.


After their routine, Nigel said, “Jordynn is a born performer. I give Elan props for almost keeping up with her.” Lauriann said, “I felt the tricks were soulful and original.” Mary said, “It was better than last year. Hot tamale train!” They both got 4 yeses from the judges.

A hip-hop/robotics dancer named Maria Babineau hit the stage next. She’s from Canada. After her routine, Lauriann told Maria, “You’re a glitch in the matrix.” Dominic said, “Are you aware of what just happened? I am shocked and it was unexpected.”

Mary said, “It’s the biggest shock of the season so far.” Nigel said, “I’m not sure if it was strong enough in the competition.” Lauriann gave Maria a yes. Dominic gave her a no. Mary gave her a yes. Nigel gave her a no. The dancers need at least three yeses to make it through to the Academy. So, Maria didn’t make the cut.


Next up, was a contemporary dancer named Sophie Pittman. She’s from Tennessee. After her performance, Mary told Sophie,”I believe there is a star inside of you, but I wasn’t thrilled with it.” Nigel said, “There wasn’t enough technique.”


Lauriann said, “I loved the transitions. I want one more level, and it could come with working with choreographers.” Dominic said, “You had zero attachment to the piece.” Lauriann gave Sophie a yes. Dominic gave her a no. Mary said yes,and Nigel gave her a yes. So, Sophie just barely made it through to the Academy.

After all that, a dancer named Frank “Ghost” Crisp, Jr. hit the stage. He’s a street dancer that has worked with the Harlem Globetrotters. He was apparently their mascot for two seasons. After his routine, Dominic told Frank, “You’re the definition of dance.” Lauriann said, “Well done.” Mary said, “You were born to dance.” Nigel said, “Don’t call yourself ghost because you’re the real thing.” Frank got 4 yeses from the judges.


Lastly, a dancer named Lauren Luteran hit the stage. She is a contemporary dancer. After her performance, Mary told Lauren, “You have so much courage, and I hope there is a cure soon.” (That was in reference to Lauren having a cystic fibrosis lung condition.)


Nigel said,”There was good movement and elevation in that, but I don’t believe you’re as strong as some of the other contemporary girls.” Lauriann said, “I want to see you do more movement.” Dominic said, “I believe you are stronger than most people in life. I commend you for that.” Lauren got 4 yeses from the judges.

Alright guys. That was it for another round of Los Angeles, California auditions in tonight’s episode 3. Next week’s episode 4 will feature even more Los Angeles auditions. It’s scheduled to air next Monday night, June 24, 2019 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on FOX.


Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “So You Think You Can Dance” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

You guys can view all of tonight’s episode 3 auditions on the “So You Think You Can Dance” official Youtube channel by Clicking Here

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