The Bachelorette June 17, 2019 Eliminated Devin, Grant And Kevin (Episode 6 Recap)

The Bachelorette June 17, 2019 Eliminated Devin, Grant And Kevin (Episode 6 Recap)

Hey, “The Bachelorette” fans. Tonight, June 17, 2019, episode 6 did indeed air. It kicked off by jumping right back into where it left off in episode 5 with Hannah telling crazy Luke P, “I can’t give you this rose. Our date was horrible.”

They said a few more words, but it was still just going around and around in circles until Hannah finally just told Luke P, “I can’t give this rose, and I want you to respect that.” From there, Luke P headed out, and it looked like we would finally be free of him. But no. That would’ve just been too freaking easy.


Of course, Luke P’s crazy mind started spinning in circles again. And it had him circle right back around to go beg Hannah B for another chance. Hannah greeted him with a , “What the hell are you doing?”

From there, the begging commenced. They went into some long ramble about how he needs to be real with her. Hannah said something to Luke P about how she wants him to shout out what he needs to say. It was a whole big thing. Honestly, I was just really over it at that point.

The scene cut to the other guys talking about Luke P. Then they showed Luke P arriving back at the mansion, telling the other guys how awful he and Hannah’s date went, but that she still decided to let him stay even though he didn’t get a rose on the date.

Next, we were treated to footage of Hannah talking with Garrett at the cocktail party. During their conversation, Garrett asked Hannah if Luke P mentioned any of their names during his 1 on 1 date with her. Hannah told Garrett that Luke P did say something about some of the guys, but it wasn’t anything bad, and it’s only because she asked Luke about it.


After that, Garrett ran back and confronted Luke P in front of all the other guys about mentioning their names when he said he didn’t. That started to make Hannah get real pissed off to the point that she confronted all the guys!

She basically told them they were all working her last nerve at this point. She said, “I’m a grown a@# woman, and I can determine for myself if Luke P needs to be here or not! You need to focus on me and what I want!” Then she stormed out.

At that point, the guys acknowledged what Hannah said and just apologized to each other for the sake of their life in this dating competition.

Next, we finally saw the rose ceremony footage. Hannah ended up giving: Connor S, Tyler, Dustin, Peter, Dylan, Garrett and Luke P a rose. That mean poor Devin, Grant and Kevin were left standing there without a rose and an exit car waiting for them. They were all dumbfounded that Hannah chose to still keep crazy Luke P around.


That wrapped up the first hour of the episode. After that, all they showed was Hannah talking to host Chris Harrison about all the crap that’s going wrong with her season. I guess it must have went so bad that they needed to talk for whole got damn hour because that’s exactly what they did!


They even did what they do in the “Men Tell All” episodes where they look back on all the past moments of the season. I actually now see why they gave the first hour so much time to complete the events from last week’s episode. It’s because they never planned to show anything new in the second hour at all.

So, what this means is that is pretty much the end of this recap ladies and gentlemen. Nothing else new happened. Hannah might as well of just dated Chris Harrison in the second half of this episode.


With that said, Devin, Grant and Kevin bit the bullet in this episode. Crazy Luke P is still around, and from what I can tell, he isn’t going anywhere for a long time. That’s actually going to prove to be ratings gold since he will stir up even more drama with Hannah P.


They did show another preview clip for the rest of this season, and it gets pretty crazy with Luke P. Hannah damn near cusses him out at one point. I can’t wait until that plays out.

Episode 7 is scheduled to air next Monday night, June 24, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. Hopefully, both hours will feature new dates.


How do you guys feel about poor Devin, Grant and Kevin getting the boot in this episode? Do you even care? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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