‘Bachelor In Paradise’ August 12, 2019 Eliminated Bibiana, Annaliese And Jane (Recap)

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ August 12, 2019 Eliminated Bibiana, Annaliese And Jane (Recap)

Hey, “Bachelor In Paradise” fans. Tonight, August 12,2019, we finally saw the first elimination take place on the “Bachelor In Paradise” current 2019 edition. Tonight’s episode cut right to the chase with the rose ceremony to start things off.

During it, Clay give a rose to Nicole. Kevin to Sydney. Blake to Tayshia. Cam to Caelynn. John Paul Jones to Onyeka. Wills to Katie. Derek to Demi. Chris B. to Kristina and Dylan to Hannah G.

This left poor: Bibiana Julian, Annaliese Puccini, and Jane Aver as the roseless ones. So, they got eliminated in tonight’s episode.

After the rose ceremony, we saw Jordan Kimball from Becca Kufrin’s season arrive. He immediately went to talk to Hannah. Right after that, he talked with Nicole and Kristina. They all gave him the run down on the whole Blake scandal that’s been going on.

Jordan chatted up Hannah again so he could ask her out on a date. She said yes at first. Then she came back and told Jordan she couldn’t because of her current love triangle with Blake and Dylan.

At one point, Jordan told Blake his girl drama is not making him look good at all. They showed footage of Hannah telling Dylan she turned down Jordan because she wanted to spend more time with him. Dylan was, of course, ecstatic, and he let her know it.

Jordan went to talk to Nicole again so he could ask her out. She agreed to go out with Jordan, and she got a little full of herself, calling herself the Bachelorette of Paradise.

Jordan took Nicole ziplining. They had so much fun that Nicole said she could see Jordan being a good life partner for her. She told Jordan she does have something with Clay,but she’s still testing the waters. She also filled Jordan in on more of the Blake drama.

Jordan told the private cams this Blake madness is crazy. He needs to fix some of this. Tayshia, Demi and some of the rest of the girls enjoyed a complaining session about Blake, especially when they saw him hit a rock trying to catch a football. Apparently, he injured his foot really bad.

Cam was seen trying to run more game on Caelynn, but it came off as real cheesy. Some of the other women thought Cam might be in a little over his head with Caelynn.

Then Mike Johnson showed up from the most recent Hannah Brown season. Most of the ladies were feeling him. Caelynn, Kristina, Onyeka and a few others showed interest. Mike asked Caelynn to chat. Then he asked Onyeka to talk. Onyeka really enjoyed their conversation, and she really wanted to go on a date with him. Then Mike asked Caelynn out on a date.

Cam brought up how Mike told Hannah he was trying to get a pity rose during her season. So, he was not feeling good about Mike. Those feelings definitely didn’t change when Mike asked Caelynn out on a date. Cam said he definitely felt threatened by Mike.

Meanwhile, Mike and Caelynn appeared to be having a great time on their date. After a bunch of smiling and giggling from the both of them, Mike told Caelynn, “I like you.” Caelynn told the private cams that Mike is really great. Next, they showed footage of Caelynn and Mike kissing very passionately.

At this point, Cam was literally crying to the private cams, saying he would be crushed if Mike steals Caelynn away.

Wills was seen saying very sweet things to Katie. She liked what he said, but she started crying because she wasn’t feeling him the same way, and she had to tell him. So, things got kind of awkward.

Later on, Chris consoled Katie. He told her he likes talking with her and wants to be around her. They’re conversations are effortless and so on and so forth. Afterwards, Katie told Chris he made her feel better, and they hugged. Katie told the private cams she could see herself with Chris.

At this point, Hannah was seen hanging out with Blake again. Blake told Hannah, “I will pursue you and fight for you.” Hannah said,”I’m just trying to figure everything out.”

Blake eventually asked Hannah to dance. All eyes were on Blake while he was dancing with Hannah on the beach. Then Hannah and Blake kissed right in front of everyone including Dylan who is madly in love with Hannah.

At this point, Dylan tried to run up and interrupt them. Blake tried to explain to Dylan that this is incredibly awkward. Dylan just kept asking to talk to Hannah for 5 minutes. Blake pointed out that Dylan talked to Hannah all day long.

Still, Dylan kept asking until things got so awkward that he just walked off without Hannah. Hannah kept hanging with Blake, and they even kissed again. So, I think Hannah was certainly feeling Blake way more than she’s feeling Dylan.

Tonight’s episode ended on that note. Another episode is scheduled to air tomorrow night, August 13, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. It’s going to feature a huge fight. So, look out for that major drama.

Alright guys that’s all we’ve got for this latest “Bachelor In Paradise” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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