New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For October 28, 2019 Episode Revealed

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For October 28, 2019 Episode Revealed

Happy Friday and weekend, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys enjoyed the dramatic fireworks that today’s October 25, 2019, week-ending episode featured. Now that it’s all over, it’s time to see what’s coming up in the next,new, week-starting October 28, 2019 episode.

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at CBS, we’ve got another set of two very revealing teaser descriptions for you guys. So, we’ll be running those by you along with a few other insights we have.

Before we jump into the October 28, 2019 episode spoilers, we’re going to do a short recap of today’s October 25, 2019 episode for all of our readers that didn’t get a chance to watch it for whatever reason.


You guys can certainly skip over our recap and go straight to the October 28, 2019 episode spoilers by scrolling down to somewhere in the middle of this article until you see them.

With all that said, today’s October 25, 2019 episode was indeed another crazy drama fest as Ridge was determined to get Douglas back for Thomas, and Brooke and Hope were determined to keep Douglas away from Thomas.

Hope, once again, begged and pleaded with Thomas to let her be a mother to Douglas and sign the adoption papers. Hope pointed out how much progress Douglas has made while in their care and so on and so forth.

At one point, Hope really teared up about it saying to Thomas, “You’re really going to do this? You’re going to let another child be ripped from me?!”


Thomas told Hope, “I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you then. I don’t want to hurt you now, but Thomas is my son. I love him, and I want him back.” Brooke fought Thomas and Ridge until the bitter end.

At one point, Brooke told Ridge, “You’re looking at me the way Stephanie used to. Like I’m a slut from the Valley who isn’t worthy of raising a Forrester!” Brooke even went as far as to give Ridge her wedding ring back to him saying, “You vowed to put me first in your life, and you’re not capable of doing that.”


Ridge said,”All because I wouldn’t let Hope take my grandson away from his father? No, it’s you who’s not capable. You’re not capable of forgiveness. You’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes, and we’re still here.”


Thomas went to talk to Douglas privately to tell him he’s taking him back. Douglas said, “But, I thought this was my home now? You’re not still mad at me?”

Thomas told Douglas, “No, I realize that what you did actually helped me to be better. I miss you, and I promise you I’m going to be the father you deserve.” Douglas then smiled and gave his daddy a hug. It was a sweet moment.


This big drama scene capped off with Thomas bringing Douglas to say goodbye to Hope. Need less to say, Hope was in tears that she had to let Douglas go. Douglas gave Hope one of his stuffed toys saying, “It will make you feel better.”

Douglas also asked Hope if she will still be his mother. She, of course said yes. She hugged him goodbye. Hope begged Ridge to make sure to take care of Douglas because she definitely doesn’t trust Thomas.

Brooke also told Ridge, “You better take care of Douglas.” Ridge tried to offer his wedding ring back to Brooke on his way out, but she wasn’t having it.


Elsewhere in this episode, we saw brief scenes of Donna talking with Eric about the whole Douglas custody mess. Eric told Donna that Ridge, Thomas and Douglas will be staying at the Forrester mansion. Donna tried to debate Eric a little bit about it. But, let’s be real. It’s Donna. Who really cares what she has to say?

Monday’s new, week-starting, October 28, 2019 episode sounds like it will feature some very interesting, possible scandalous scenes as Ridge explains to Eric that Brooke’s history with Stephanie is repeating itself. Shauna shows up in Ridge’s bed and more!


We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Eric and Ridge situation. It turns out that Eric and Ridge will have a big chit chat about all the major drama that just went down.

During this conversation, Ridge will explain that Brooke’s unfavorable history with Stephanie is repeating itself with Thomas.

CBS’ official description tells us, “Eric learns from Ridge that Brooke’s history with Stephanie is repeating itself with Thomas and Brooke.” An alternate description reads like this, “Ridge explains to Eric how Brooke’s history with Stephanie is repeating itself with Brooke and Thomas.”

How will Eric respond to this unsavory news? That’s a big question for this particular storyline. We’re not sure, but we can officially tell you we haven’t seen the last of Hope’s relentless efforts to get Thomas back.

She’s going to come up with a scheme that’s designed to manipulate Thomas into giving up Douglas to her! So, we’re going to see Hope get quite scandalous in the near future.

We’re pretty sure this new Hope scheme will involve her pretending to like Thomas because Liam is definitely not going to be ok with Hope’s new plan.

The second and last spoiler teaser for Monday’s installment reveals that some very questionable things are going to happen between Ridge and Shauna in this episode. At some point, he’s going to find Shauna all snuggled up in his bed.

It will be quite comical at first, but then some passion will arise from it! CBS’ description tells us, “Ridge finds Shauna asleep in his bed, which leads to comedy then passion.” An alternate description reads like this, “Comedy, then passion, ensues when Ridge unexpectedly finds Shauna asleep in his bed.”

Is Ridge really going to get all passionate with Shauna? That’s the burning question for this particular scenario. Judging from some other, official spoiler teasers we’ve read, it certainly sounds like it.

We’re officially hearing that Shauna is going to be shocked at Ridge’s response when she questions him about their new sleeping arrangement. Also, Brooke did give Ridge her wedding ring back. So, Ridge might be more open to the idea. We’ll have to wait and see.

Alright guys. That’s all the spoiler scoops we could gather up for Monday’s new October 28, 2019 episode,but certainly expect to see at least a few other scenes take place that were not mentioned in this spoiler session.

The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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