New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For November 7, 2019 Episode Revealed

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For November 7, 2019 Episode Revealed

Happy Wednesday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Congratulations, you’ve made it to the middle of another week. We are back on the scene to deliver more spoiler goodies for tomorrow’s brand new November 7, 2019 episode.

Thanks to CBS, we most certainly have a few, new teaser descriptions to share with you for tomorrow’s episode.


Before we get into those, we’re going to do a short recap of today’s November 6, 2019 episode for all our readers that didn’t get a chance to see it for whatever reason.

If you want to skip straight to the November 7,2019 episode spoilers, you can do so by scrolling down just a little bit further until you see them.

With that said, today’s November 7, 2019 episode delivered more disturbing scenes with Hope’s newfound obsession of adopting young Douglas. What we’re seeing with this storyline is basically the same situation we saw with the baby Beth storyline.

Thomas is manipulating Hope again by using Douglas, and Hope is pissing off Liam by ignoring him with her intense fixation on Douglas. Today, we saw Thomas use Douglas’ excitement for Hope to get him to invite her to a dinner scheme that Thomas has cooked up.


Of course, Hope said yes to Douglas because she will literally do anything the little boy asks her to do.

Steffy dropped by and saw the whole scheme in motion, and she definitely expressed her concern to Thomas about what he’s doing. Steffy tried to tell Thomas, “You will regret giving up partial custody of Douglas to Hope.” Thomas said, “I appreciate your concern, but I know what I’m doing.”

Thomas later called up Hope to confirm the dinner plans she made with Douglas. Thomas told Hope to bring the adoption papers with her. They also agreed their dinner location will take place at the Forrester Creations office building.

This seemingly minute detail will definitely play a huge part in this Friday’s week-ending episode.


You see, it was revealed in today’s episode that a huge boiling pot of Hydrofluoric acid was brought into the Forrester Creations building to make some repairs to washers that were leaving rust on the garments.


Ridge insisted that the dangerous acid be removed from the building immediately, but Charlie and the rest of the workers insisted that they’ve taken extreme safety measures and that the acid is needed for the repairs.

They even showed Ridge the whole process. Ridge was still very reluctant to have the acid there saying, “Accidents happen.” We’re quite sure that accident will happen in this Friday’s episode,and it will be deadly.


Liam argued heavily with Hope about what she’s doing with Thomas and Douglas right now, but she insisted on doing whatever is necessary to get Douglas away from Thomas. From there,Liam just covered his face in frustration.


I’m kinda shocked Liam still wants to be with Hope. First she went overboard by annulling their marriage. Now, she’s going overboard with this Douglas situation. She’s a mess.

Anyways, today’s episode capped off with Hope showing up to Thomas and Douglas’ big dinner at the office. Thomas had candles lit and everything.


Of course, Thomas asked Hope if she had the adoption papers as bait to lure her there. If Hope wasn’t so naive and stubborn, she would realize this. Liam tried to tell her many times. If Hope doesn’t learn her lesson this time, there’s no hope for Hope. Pun intended.

Tomorrow’s new Thursday, November 7, 2019 episode sounds like it will feature some scandalous, serious and interesting scenes as Thomas gives Hope more conditions he needs from her. Ridge tells Shauna how he really feels about her and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Thomas and Hope situation. We’ll certainly see their big dinner situation from today continue from where it left off.

In addition to that, Thomas will reveal that he, of course, has added extra conditions he needs from Hope in order for him to hand over partial custody of Douglas to her.

CBS’ official description tells us, “Thomas plays on Hope’s vulnerability and offers up more quid pro quo to sign her papers.” An alternate description reads like this, “Thomas plays on Hope’s vulnerability as she tries to get him to sign the papers.”

We were able to get some extra details for this scenario via a new preview clip that CBS released over this past weekend. In the clip, Thomas is seen telling Hope, “You have to show me there’s a possible future for us for you to have my son.”

From there, a major chase scene takes place, and I just know somebody is going to fall into that dangerous acid and die. We just don’t know who it is yet. God forbid it’s poor Douglas because he’s in that Forrester Building too.

All I can say is brace yourselves for this Friday’s spectacular episode because you will see something very devastating.


The second and last spoiler scoop reveals that Ridge will have a very significant moment with Shauna in this episode. At some point, Ridge is going to totally open up to Shauna about how he really feels about her, Brooke and his family.


CBS’ description tells us, “Ridge confides in Shauna about his feelings for her, Brooke, and his family.” An alternate description reads like this, “Ridge opens up to Shauna about his feelings for her, Brooke and his family.”

What exactly will Ridge say to Shauna in this moment? That’s a big question for this particular storyline. We’re not sure what Ridge will say, but we are officially hearing that Ridge will get into yet another fight with Brooke over Hope and Douglas in this Friday’s November 8, 2019 episode.

So, the producers will resort to giving us more Ridge and Brooke drama to fill time I guess. It sounds like this new Ridge and Shauna scene could feature some pretty interesting material depending on what Ridge tells Shauna. We’ll see.

Alright guys. That’s all the spoiler scoops we could get a hold of for tomorrow’s new November 7,2019 episode, but definitely expect to see a few other scenes take place that were not mentioned in this spoiler session.

The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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